Spotty Dotty

I wanted to start doing more mid-week posts again, as for a while now I only really find time to post once a week on Saturdays. Therefore I’ve decided to try and do what I like to call ‘mini posts’. These would mostly be shorter/quicker posts, possibly with less text and/or less photos. For example in cases where I only have one photo or low quality photos of something I wanted to share. However I wanted to also make these posts an excuse to quickly share things when on the go and not at my home PC. For example if I see something that I think looks cool and want to share, I can take a quick pic on my phone and make a post from there.


For the first of these posts I wanted to share a picture of a simple dotty nail design I did on my friend a while back. This uses a blue background, with red dots, except for the ring fingers which have gold dots.

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