As well as my plans for mini posts, I also want to try and get back to doing a few posts here and there that is not related to nail art to mix things up a little bit. Therefore this week I wanted to share my favourite candle brand, which is Yankee Candle.

_IMG_5375 copy

I love having a fragranced candle burning in various rooms of my flat to make the place feel more cheerful. I have tried a few random brands and I find the level of fragrance just does not last, especially in the cheaper brands.

_IMG_5376 copy

Also Yankee have a huge selection of different fragrances, which they are always changing with each season. I’m the kind of person that loves to try out different ‘flavours’ of things, as some of you might know from my shower gel collection/addiction.


For this reason, I usually like to burn the small votive candles so that I can mix up the fragrances more often. You can also find many cute little votive holders around in the shops, markets and on the internet to make the place look more pretty. However I recently got this pretty wax burner, which looks great in my living room. I also find the level of fragrance is more prominent with the wax burners. I guess this is because all the wax is melted at once.


I also got this large candle with a pretty mosaic tray and jar lamp shade for my mom. It looks great in her kitchen even when not in use.


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