Pink Mermaid Nails

This design uses the Pink duochrome shade called Mediterranean from Barry M’s Aquarium effect range.

_IMG_5332 copy

I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of a raspberry shade.

_IMG_5333 copy

I then painted about 2/3 of each nail with the aquarium effect. I would describe this as a shimmery pink shade that changes to shades of gold and copper. But I feel it does have very slight hints of a greenish tone as well in some light.

_IMG_5336 copy

As usual I find it hard to capture the true effect of such polishes with my camera, but I think you can kind of see the effect in the pics. It’s quite a pretty mix of colours.

_IMG_5342 copy

Next I used a striping brush to add a gold stripe down the area where the two different colours meet. I really need to invest in some better striping brushes. The ones I have are far too thick to do any nice flicks with.

_IMG_5344 copy

Lastly, on the ring fingers I decided to add a row of yellow rhinestones along the gold stripe. This was a last minute decision as I felt the overall design was lacking something.


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