Kiwi Smoothie

For this smoothie I took two kiwi fruits and half a honeydew melon. I then added the desired amount of pineapple juice and blended everything together.


I have a small hand blender that I use, and I find with this it’s better to use fruit with the skin removed. I have tried smoothies with fruit such as nectarines, blueberries, plums and peaches. However I find that you are left with bits of skin left intact. Personally I don’t really mind this, but I know the texture would be off putting for some.


The jug I use my mom got me from ASDA. It has a clip on lid with a small lid at the front to make it easy to pour into a glass. It is also designed for fitting into the door of your fridge making it perfect for keeping your smoothies fresh and cool for a few days. I usually add enough juice so that when everything is blended together the jug is about half full. This gives me enough smoothie for about 3 tall glasses full.


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