Glitter Stripe Nails

Originally I was going to add stripes to all the nails, but I was short on time and messed up a bit in my rush. In the end I settled for just doing the ring fingers.

_IMG_5295 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in the same colour. I went for a shimmery glittery blue shade. For the ring fingers I went for a gold in the same style of polish.

_IMG_5296 copy

It is essential that you make sure each coat of nail polish is given enough time to dry fully, other wise you risk pulling off the base colour when you peel off the striping tape. I put strips of tape at random angles over the ring finger nails.

_IMG_5300 copy

Next I painted a black polish over the ring finger nails. Before it has chance to dry too much, remove the tape. I suggest trying to remember the order in which you layered each strip of tape so that you can remove it starting with the top most strip.

_IMG_5303 copy

I found if I was not careful to remove the tape in this way then I risked messing up the perfectness of my lines, which I ended up doing a little until I had realised this.


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