Mint Stick Nails

This week’s design is a simple stripy ring finger look using two different colours and striping tape.

_IMG_0531 copy

I decided I wanted to use green and so I painted my ring fingers in two coats of a dark green shade with a bit of shimmer to it.

_IMG_0535 copy

Then on all the other fingers I painted two coats of a lighter green shade.

_IMG_0539 copy

I decided to go for a minty green shade. The particular one I used is called ‘Meadow’ from Barry M’s Silk range.

_IMG_0543 copy

On the ring fingers I placed several lengths of striping tape on each nail going in the direction from the nail beds to the tips. I attempted to make the gaps in between the same width as the tape.

_IMG_0544 copy

I then painted over the ring fingers in my lighter green shade, and made sure to remove the striping tape before it had chance to dry too much in order to leave me with this stripy design.


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