Red Flame Tip Nails

I’m not really sure what I wanted to achieve with this design other than I wanted to use the colours black and red, but I did not want the tips to be the standard boring ‘straight’ tip like you would do for a French manicure. The problem was that I was short on time.


Therefore I ended up with these squiggly line kind of tips. The final result reminded me a little of flames hence the title of this post. I love how the above image reflects my camera in it lol (which is also red by the way).

_IMG_5251 copy

I painted all nails black, except for the ring fingers, which I did in red. I used a bright red that had a little shimmer to it.

_IMG_5267 copy

On the ring fingers I then added a line of 3 black rhinestones.

_IMG_5269 copy

On the tips of the rest of the nails, I used a smaller nail brush to add the squiggles/flicks in the red colour. I think i should have used a even thinner brush though to make it look better.

_IMG_5271 copy

This has given me the idea to try and do some proper flame nails in the future sometime using shades of yellow, orange and red.


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