Sparkly Star Christmas Tree Nails

I got the idea for this design by combining a few simmilar ideas I seen in images online.

_IMG_5953 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I went for a light brown as I wanted a light colour so that the trees stood out.

_IMG_5956 copy

Next I taped off a triangle shape on each nail using 2 stips of tape. On top of this I placed 2 strips of striping tape also in a triangle shape going across this sideways.

_IMG_5957 copy

I then painted over the taped off area with a dark green colour and then peeled off all the tape carefully before it had chance to dry.

_IMG_5964 copy

To finish the trees off, I added a multi toned star gem to the top of each tree. I then added my top coat. I decided to not add any glitter or anything else to the design as it is supposed to be a simple clear design.


Christmas Water Marble Nails

This is my first time trying this method of creating nail art, and it is a lot easier to get it to look good than the last water based nail design that I tried a few weeks back. I definatley want to try and experiment a bit more with such designs.

_IMG_5937 copy

I wanted these nails to be Christmas themed and so I went for the colours red, green and gold. First I painted all nails in one coat of the green colour to act as a base. I went for one of the lighter shades that I was using so that it didn’t show through on the next coat.

_IMG_5939 copy

With a little help from my husband, we taped up the skin around my nails to help with the clean up. I then started dripping one drop of each colour into the middle of a cup of water.


When I was happy with the amount of rings of colour, I used a toothpick to make some lines going through the nail varnish to make a bit of a pattern. I then looked for the area I liked the best and dipped my nail down into the water.

_IMG_5947 copy

I blew on the surface a bit to dry the top, and then skimmed the excess away from the surface. Next I removed my nail from the water and removed the tape from around the nail. I repeated this on all nails before cleaning up any leftover mess on my fingers and around the nails.

_IMG_5949 copy

I found that this was quite a messy design to try and it does use up more nail varnish than if you were to paint it on normally. However it’s quite a fun design and the outcomes are infinite. I also found that newer and more watery nail varnishes spreaded out on the surface of the water more efficiently than older and drier nail varnishes.

Wedding Nails

So last Saturday I got married and these are the nails I did for the big day. My colour scheme was lilac, silver and white and so I made my nails to match.

_IMG_5912 copy

Firstly I painted all nails except the ring fingers in a shimmery lilac colour. For the ring fingers I went for a darker shimmery purple shade.

_IMG_5915 copy

Then going diagonally across the bottoms of each nail I painted one coat of a white colour.


Over the top of this I used Barry M’s Royal Textured Glitter nail paint in ‘Lady’ as it is so pretty.

_IMG_5924 copy

Next I added a diagonal line of rhinestones across each nail to cover the line where both colours met. I then added my topcoat.


Finally to bring back the texture, I reapplied another coat of Lady, making sure not to paint over the rhinestones.

Water Spotted Nail Experiment

I call this one an experiment because overall it was a bit of a fail lol. I’ve never tried any of the nail designs that involve dripping nail varnish in water but have always been eager to try it out. As I had a bit of spare time this weekend I thought I would give this spotty effect a go.

_IMG_5899 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my background colour. I decided on a dark purple. On the tutorials I looked at for this effect they say to use sanitiser spray. I don’t have this but in a couple of places people had said to use hairspray instead so I decided to go for that instead.

_IMG_5901 copy

I used cellotape to tape around my nails in order to make the clean up easier. I took a disposable plastic cup of room temperature water and added a few drops, one by one of my chosen colour. I went for a goldy metallic kind of colour. The drips separate out across the surface of the water. Then you can take your spray and do a little spritz on the top to make the dots. You can then dip your nail over the part of the pattern you like best, remove the excess with a toothpick, remove your nail from the water, remove the cellotape and clean up the nail with nail varnish remover before adding your top coat.

_IMG_5905 copy

However, I found that no matter how gentle I tried to be with the hairspray, when it hit the water it just made the nail varnish layer constrict up. If I was lucky I got a few big holes in the layer, but I wanted a design that had many spaller holes in it. I also found that the hairspray messed the surface of the water up for the next attempt as well. After struggling several times and wasting a bit of nail varnish on failed attempts, I was left with 2 nails undone, and the rest that I was not happy with how most of them turned out.

_IMG_5911 copy

This was when I decided to try something else that was in spray form. The closest thing I had near me to try was a bottle of body spray in a spritz bottle rather than in aerosol form. I used this for both the ring and little finger nails of my right hand. You can see from the pictures that although the gold nail polish looks a little less vibrant on these nails, the overall effect came out a lot better and more like what I wanted. It also didn’t make the nail varnish constrict up like the hairspray did. Therefore I definatley need to try this method out again to see if I can get better results. I also want to try out water marbled nails sometime as well as I have never gotten around to trying that out before either.