Christmas Water Marble Nails

This is my first time trying this method of creating nail art, and it is a lot easier to get it to look good than the last water based nail design that I tried a few weeks back. I definatley want to try and experiment a bit more with such designs.

_IMG_5937 copy

I wanted these nails to be Christmas themed and so I went for the colours red, green and gold. First I painted all nails in one coat of the green colour to act as a base. I went for one of the lighter shades that I was using so that it didn’t show through on the next coat.

_IMG_5939 copy

With a little help from my husband, we taped up the skin around my nails to help with the clean up. I then started dripping one drop of each colour into the middle of a cup of water.


When I was happy with the amount of rings of colour, I used a toothpick to make some lines going through the nail varnish to make a bit of a pattern. I then looked for the area I liked the best and dipped my nail down into the water.

_IMG_5947 copy

I blew on the surface a bit to dry the top, and then skimmed the excess away from the surface. Next I removed my nail from the water and removed the tape from around the nail. I repeated this on all nails before cleaning up any leftover mess on my fingers and around the nails.

_IMG_5949 copy

I found that this was quite a messy design to try and it does use up more nail varnish than if you were to paint it on normally. However it’s quite a fun design and the outcomes are infinite. I also found that newer and more watery nail varnishes spreaded out on the surface of the water more efficiently than older and drier nail varnishes.


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