2015 Nails

So these are this years ‘new years’ nails.

_IMG_5973 copy

I painted all nails in a dark blue shade. The thumbs and ring finger got 2 coats, and the rest got one.

_IMG_5979 copy

On the nails that were not the thumb or ring finger I then used 2 coats of Barry M’s glitterati nail paint in Rockstar, which is like a black base with lots of multicoloured glitter in it. It reminds me of a ton of stars in the sky.

_IMG_5983 copy

Then on the thumbs I used a very small dotting tool and the same glitterati shade to draw out the numbers 2015. I went over this again to make it stand out better.

_IMG_5988 copy

Then on the ring fingers, I used the glitterati nail paint and a thin nail art brush to put a kind of curved triangular shape. Again I went over this for a second coat. This was to make a trail behind the stars.

_IMG_5990 copy

Lastly I added a small nail art star to the point of the triangular shapes I had painted on the ring fingers and then added on my top coat.


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