Duochrome Crown Nails

A friend at work said that the way I had placed the rhinestones for this design looked like crowns, hence the name of this post.

_IMG_5994 copy

I firslty painted all nails in 3 coats of one of Barry M’s recent releases to their aquarium range called ‘Persian’.

_IMG_5998 copy

This is a pretty duochrome polish that is mainly a shimmery, bright, almost cadbury purple, which changes to a bronzy goldish shade in the right light.

_IMG_6002 copy

I did have to use 3 shades to make it opaque enough, and I probably would have been better off using a simmilar colour underneath as a base.

_IMG_6005 copy

Then along the base of each nail I added a row of multi tonal coloured silvery rhinestones.


I started by placing a large rhinestone in the middle and then went down in size as I got to the sides of the nail. I tried to place them in a curve rather than a straight line.


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