Lightning and Sparkle Nails

This was a simple design using some nail art vinyls I got recently in the shape of lightning bolts.

_IMG_6182 copy

First I painted all nails in one coat of a white base colour to help the yellow go on in less coats. Then I painted one coat of a yellow over the top of this. If I were to just leave it like this, I would of needed another coat of the yellow. But as only a small area of this would be exposed in the end, I left it as it was.

_IMG_6187 copy

Next, I worked on one nail at a time, after they had been left to dry for a long time. I took my lightning bolt nail art vinyl and placed it on the nail in the area I wanted.

_IMG_6190 copy

I quickly painted over the top of the whole nail in a purple shade that was packed with multicoloured glitter flakes. As soon as I had painted one coat I immediately painted a second so that it was not too transparent.

_IMG_6192 copy

I then carefully removed the nail art vinyl before it had chance to dry too much. After a couple of minutes, I then added my top coat to this nail. I then repeated this same process on the remaining nails.


Pastel Candy – Lost nail art pictures

This one reminded me a little of those humbug mint boiled sweets, but a colourful version. I firstly painted all nails in a white.


Then using a striping brush I painted pastel lilac and peach coloured lines going down lengthways on each nail.

Daisy Nails #2

Ever since my last design based on daisies, I’ve wanted to do another design that involves daisies.

_IMG_5610 copy

For this one I wanted to take inspiration from a top I have with a daisy pattern on it.

_IMG_5591 copy

First, I painted all nails in 2 coats of a dark blue shade.

_IMG_5596 copy

Next I took a small dotting tool and a white nail polish. I made the petals of 3 small flowers going down along the one side of each nail.

_IMG_5599 copy

I did this by placing a cluster of 5 small dots in a circle to make a kind of rounded point star shape.

_IMG_5604 copy

Lastly in the centre of each flower I used the same dotting tool to place a gold dot in order to make the centre of each daisy.

Glitter and Triangles – Lost nail art pictures

For this design I painted all nails in a white base colour. To all nails except the thumb and ring fingers, I used a multi coloured dense glitter to cover the entire nail area.


To the thumb and ring fingers I taped of an area down the middle of each nail with striping tape to make 3 triangle shapes. I then painted each triangle in a different colour to match some of the colours from the glitter used on the other nails.

Heart Balloon Nails

This is my design for this year’s Valentine’s Day. It is supposed to look like little heart shaped balloons. Please excuse the dryness of my hands lately.

_IMG_6114 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of my chosen background colour.

_IMG_6115 copy

I then took a large dotting tool and placed 2 dots next to each other so that they overlapped in the middle in every place where I wanted a balloon to be.

_IMG_6117 copy

Then using a tiny dotting tool, I made a triangle shape coming downwards from the sides of where I had places each pair of big dots. I then filled in this outline to make each heart.

_IMG_6121 copy

Lastly, using a black nail art pen, I made some wiggly lines for the strings of the balloons. Unfortunately my topcoat smeared this a little in places.

Black and Orange Freehand – Lost nail art pictures

For this one I painted all nails in a bright red orange/coral colour. Then using a nail art brush, I attempted to freehand 2 black stripes onto each nail as I was short for time.


The aim was for the tip to be a larger black area with a thinner black stripe just above it.

Royal Candy Cane Nails

This is one of those designs that is really easy to pull off if you have a steady hand, but still looks pretty good.

_IMG_6052 copy

I painted all nails in a purple – bronze duochrome shade. I used a dark purple underneath so that I only needed to use one coat of the duochrome polish.

_IMG_6055 copy

Then using a striping tool and a dull gold metallic shade, I painted thin lines to each nail.

_IMG_6058 copy

I made the lines go across the nail diagonally in the same direction on each nail.

_IMG_6065 copy

They remind me a bit of a candy cane pattern.

Pretty in Pink – Lost nail art pictures

At the end of last year I had a major computer fail which took out both of my hard drives. I had backups of some files, and was able to recover a small amount of other files. However it seems that 5 weeks worth of nail art photos that I had waiting to be made into blog posts have been lost forever. Luckily, I started using Instagram just under a year ago, and have been Instagraming my nails every week. This means I do have one low quality image of the lost nail art designs so that I can still share them with you. The first one of which can be seen below.


For this one, I painted the ring fingers in a bright hot pink colour, and the others in a pastel pink. I used a little bit of a multi coloured glitter over coat on the top halves of each nail. I then finished each nail off with a few rhinestones.