Heart Balloon Nails

This is my design for this year’s Valentine’s Day. It is supposed to look like little heart shaped balloons. Please excuse the dryness of my hands lately.

_IMG_6114 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of my chosen background colour.

_IMG_6115 copy

I then took a large dotting tool and placed 2 dots next to each other so that they overlapped in the middle in every place where I wanted a balloon to be.

_IMG_6117 copy

Then using a tiny dotting tool, I made a triangle shape coming downwards from the sides of where I had places each pair of big dots. I then filled in this outline to make each heart.

_IMG_6121 copy

Lastly, using a black nail art pen, I made some wiggly lines for the strings of the balloons. Unfortunately my topcoat smeared this a little in places.

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