Lightning and Sparkle Nails

This was a simple design using some nail art vinyls I got recently in the shape of lightning bolts.

_IMG_6182 copy

First I painted all nails in one coat of a white base colour to help the yellow go on in less coats. Then I painted one coat of a yellow over the top of this. If I were to just leave it like this, I would of needed another coat of the yellow. But as only a small area of this would be exposed in the end, I left it as it was.

_IMG_6187 copy

Next, I worked on one nail at a time, after they had been left to dry for a long time. I took my lightning bolt nail art vinyl and placed it on the nail in the area I wanted.

_IMG_6190 copy

I quickly painted over the top of the whole nail in a purple shade that was packed with multicoloured glitter flakes. As soon as I had painted one coat I immediately painted a second so that it was not too transparent.

_IMG_6192 copy

I then carefully removed the nail art vinyl before it had chance to dry too much. After a couple of minutes, I then added my top coat to this nail. I then repeated this same process on the remaining nails.


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