Cute Purple Flower Nails

I’ve been feeling in the mood for flowery designs lately because of the change in seasons.

_IMG_6319 copy

For this design I firstly painted all my nails in a dark purple colour.

_IMG_6321 copy

Then using a large dotting tool I placed a white dot on the nail and dragged it down slightly. I then repeated this with 4 more dots going around in a circle. I did this to all nails, placing the flowers in a slightly different place on each nail.

_IMG_6322 copy

Once this was dry I used a smaller sized dotting tool and repeated the same thing over the middle of the white dots in a dark purple colour. This is to make a flower with white and purple flowers.

_IMG_6325 copy

I then added a white dot in the centre of each nail and went over the top of this with a pink colour containing glitter. The white helped it to stand out better.


Jewellery Making – Animal Themed

Here are some pictures of a few animal themed earrings and a bracelet that I have made. The pig beads actually have glow in the dark flecks in them.







Subtle Spring Flower Nails

Now that spring is kind of here, I thought I would do a spring themed flower design.

_IMG_6254 copy

First, I painted all nails in one coat of a nude shade as it makes your nails look better than if they are just left natural.

_IMG_6256 copy

Next I painted diagonally across the bottom halves of each nail with a light brown shade. I wanted the colours to be subtle and neutral so that the flowers stood out more.

_IMG_6259 copy

Then taking a smallish dotting tool, I dotted 5 dots in a circle in a lilac colour along the line where the 2 base colours met and to the left side of the nail. I repeated this with a light blue colour, but placed it in the middle of where the 2 base colours met. Then again I repeated the same, but with a yellow colour and to the right side of the nail.

_IMG_6261 copy

Lastly, I finished the flowers off by placing a small white dot in the centre of each one.

Monarch Butterfly Nails

For this design I attempted a monarch butterfly wing design.

_IMG_5663 copy

This design wasn’t too hard to pull off. I started by painting all my nails in a yellow colour.

_IMG_5667 copy

Then using a makeup sponge, I sponged a gradient in orange onto the bottom halves of each nail.

_IMG_5671 copy

I then took a black nail art pen to outline where I wanted the black areas of the wings to be. I then filled in the outline at the tips of the nails with black nail polish.

_IMG_5673 copy

Finally, I used a small dotting tool and a white colour to add some dots over the black area at the tips of each nail.

Watermelon Biscuits

I recently stumbled upon this video: Watermelon Cookies. I thought they looked so cute and cool, so I had to try them for myself.


You basically make a biscuit dough and separate it into 3 parts. The biggest part you colour red and make into a cylinder shape. Then you make a flat plain layer to wrap around. Then make a flat green layer to go around that. You then cut it into slices and cut each slice in half to get your segments. Then add some chocolate chips for the seeds.


I converted the recipe from the video from cups to grams as best as I could using online calculators. However I found I needed to add more flour than what it calculated.


Next time I make these biscuits I will use 150g of sugar, 150g of butter and 300g of flour. When I made mine I also used almond flavouring instead of vanilla to give it a subtle ‘battenberg’ taste.

Butterfly and Heart Necklace

It’s been ages since I have been able to find the time to do any jewellery making. I was recently talking to a friend who I used to do jewellery making with sometimes about this and we decided to put aside a bit of time one weekend to get re-aquantied with our old hobby. Especially as we had just done a big bead shop not long before the last time I made anything.


I made this long delicate shell butterfly and glass heart necklace.


I wanted a necklace that was long enough to just fit over my head, as it saves me precious seconds in the morning when getting ready. My timing in the mornings has always been an epic fail. I have always been more productive in the evenings and night times.


The image below is a pair of earrings and bracelet that my husband made for me at the same time as he wanted to see what this whole jewellery making thing was all about.


Shimmery Lilac – Lost nail art pictures

This is the last of my posts for my lost images. For this one I used a grey base on all nails. I then used Barry M’s ‘Silvery Lilac’, which is a kind of duochrome glitter that subtly changes between silver and purple. I applied this to the base of each nail using a make up sponge.


The grey I used was actually a matte shade, but I find it chips to easily without using a top coat. Therefore what I did was applied my normal topcoat at the end, and then added a matte top coat on top of that. However, I wish I had left this design as a glossy finish. This was because you could see the purple in the glitter really well against the grey background. However when I made the design matte, it made everything too flat and so the silver in the glitter stood out more than the purple. I will have to try this design again sometime in the future.