Subtle Spring Flower Nails

Now that spring is kind of here, I thought I would do a spring themed flower design.

_IMG_6254 copy

First, I painted all nails in one coat of a nude shade as it makes your nails look better than if they are just left natural.

_IMG_6256 copy

Next I painted diagonally across the bottom halves of each nail with a light brown shade. I wanted the colours to be subtle and neutral so that the flowers stood out more.

_IMG_6259 copy

Then taking a smallish dotting tool, I dotted 5 dots in a circle in a lilac colour along the line where the 2 base colours met and to the left side of the nail. I repeated this with a light blue colour, but placed it in the middle of where the 2 base colours met. Then again I repeated the same, but with a yellow colour and to the right side of the nail.

_IMG_6261 copy

Lastly, I finished the flowers off by placing a small white dot in the centre of each one.


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