Cute Purple Flower Nails

I’ve been feeling in the mood for flowery designs lately because of the change in seasons.

_IMG_6319 copy

For this design I firstly painted all my nails in a dark purple colour.

_IMG_6321 copy

Then using a large dotting tool I placed a white dot on the nail and dragged it down slightly. I then repeated this with 4 more dots going around in a circle. I did this to all nails, placing the flowers in a slightly different place on each nail.

_IMG_6322 copy

Once this was dry I used a smaller sized dotting tool and repeated the same thing over the middle of the white dots in a dark purple colour. This is to make a flower with white and purple flowers.

_IMG_6325 copy

I then added a white dot in the centre of each nail and went over the top of this with a pink colour containing glitter. The white helped it to stand out better.


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