Mini Egg Easter Nails

These were the nails I did for this year’s Easter nails. They might look simple but I found them a bit more difficult to achieve than I had expected. Firstly, I painted all of my nails in 2 coats of their base colours. I went for 5 different pastel shades so that there was a different colour for each nail. The colours I used also had a shimmer effect to them which made the end result look even prettier.

_IMG_6427 copy

For the speckled effect I used the closest colour I had to a dark brown. I painted the end of a small straw with the colour so that it made a film over the hole at the end of the straw. I then positioned it over the nail and blew air quickly down the straw to splatter it across the nail. However this is much easier said than done.

_IMG_6425 copy

I looked online for how to make splatter effects on nails. What I had read said to simply dip the end of the straw in a blob of nail varnish that you had put on a piece of paper. But I found that nothing happened when I blew down the straw by following this method.

_IMG_6430 copy

I also found that sometimes you get a nice spray of speckles and other times you get big blobs land instead which was not really what I wanted. Positioning your straw and the amount of air and speed of air down the straw also takes practise, as sometimes it ends up going everywhere except on the nail lol.

_IMG_6435 copy

This can be messy so make sure you put an old towel or something where you are working. Afterwards clean up the areas around your nail from splatter. I then added my normal top coat for durability before using a matte top coat over the top to finish off the effect.


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