Flicks and Glitz Nails

I’ve tried doing designs in the past using little flicks and such, as pictures I see online always look really nice. However I always feel mine do not come out as good as I wanted them to. I think I make the lines too thick at the ends or something. This week’s design is another attempt at this style, but I still need a lot more practice lol.

_IMG_6373 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base coat. I went for a purple shade as it’s my favorite colour.

_IMG_6377 copy

Next I took a silver glitter nail paint and a thin nail art brush. Onto each nail I painted one flick going down the nail and one going across from the one side.

_IMG_6382 copy

Then I took a gold nail paint. Using the same brush I painted 2 flicks going down the length of the nail, starting from the base of the nail. I placed them so that one was on either side of where I had placed the glitter line going down the nail.

_IMG_6386 copy

Lastly, I took a silver nail paint and placed one flick going across the nail, just above the line of glitter that I added going across.


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