Jam Jar Tea Light Candle Holder

I got the ideas for this craft by combining parts from the following 2 tutorials I found on Pinterest:
1) Easy Mason Jar Luminaries
2) DIY: Grouted Iridescent Glass Marble Vase


You basically get a jar or glass container such as an old jam jar. Then using a hot glue gun, stick those little glass pebbles you can get in the home décor section of the supermarket in rows around the sides of the jar. I used some light pink ones to match my living room. Afterwards take some tile grout and grout in between the pebbles and over the entire sides of the jar. Leave it to dry, and then using a cloth and a little water, clean off any grout from the tops of the pebbles.


I’m really pleased with how it came out. I love making things. I was really surprised how one little tea light lights up so bright inside it. The way the light shines out through the glass pebbles reminds me of a beehive, and it puts the light out on the nearby walls and table top in a pretty pattern. This would be the perfect craft for a candle addict.


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