Diagonal Colour Block Nails

I got the inspiration for this design from this picture I seen on Pinterest recently of a set of drawers. I really liked the colours and how simple, yet pretty it looked.

_IMG_6505 copy

I modified my colours slightly. The colours I used were Cappuccino, and silk effects in Meadow and Blossom by Barry M.

_IMG_6512 copy

Firstly I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I decided to alternate between the pink and the green. I left this to dry fully.

_IMG_6513 copy

Next, using striping tape, I taped off random diagonal sections across the bottom of each nail, making sure that I focused on one side of the nail at the same time. I then painted these sections in my second colour. This was the opposite pastel shade to the base colour of the nail.

_IMG_6516 copy

I carefully removed the striping tape before it had chance to dry. I again let this dry fully. I then taped diagonally across each nail again. This time I taped in the opposite direction and focused more on the opposite side of the nail to the previous time.

_IMG_6519 copy

I then painted each section in my darkest colour. I removed the tape before anything dried. After a few minuted I added my topcoat.


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