Sun Ray Nails

The colours and stripes in this design reminded me a little bit of the suns rays.

_IMG_6523 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I went with a white. I gave this plenty of time to dry.

_IMG_6527 copy

Then I used striping tape and placed 3 pieces of tape on each nail. Each strip started in the centre of the base of the nail. The middle one going straight along the middle of the nail to the tip, and the others going out diagonally on either side.

_IMG_6529 copy

On top of this I painted the base half of each nail in a yellow shade and the tip half in a dark orange shade. Whilst this was still wet, I put a small line of each colour next to each other on a make up brush and dabbed this on the nail where the 2 colours met in order to blend them into a gradient.

_IMG_6534 copy

I worked on one nail at a time as you need to carefully remove the striping tape before everything has chance to dry fully. Afterwards I applied my top coat.


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