Blue Geometry Nails

If I was to do this design again, I would go with a completely different colour glitter for the ring finger base colour as I feel it does not stand out as much as I wanted it to. Overall though I was happy with how the taped off sections came out. I think I like the diagonal one the most.

_IMG_6558 copy

Firstly, I painted all my nails in 2 coats of a light blue shade. To the ring finger I then added 2 coats of a blueish glittery over coat.

_IMG_6560 copy

I gave this some time to dry and then I added my top coat. This is because the next colour that I used has a matte finish to it which I did not want to remove with a glossy top coat.

_IMG_6563 copy

After this was completely dry, I took some striping tape and placed 2 stripes near the top of the nail parallel to each other and 2 near the bottom parallel to each other in the shape that I desired.

_IMG_6566 copy

I then went over this with a matte dark blue with shimmer in it. Before it dried, I removed the tape to reveal my design. I found it easier to work on one nail at a time.


I continued along the remaining nails, making a different shape on each nail. I think the diagonal design I did on the middle finger is my favourite. The above image shows a step by step of the design.


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