Watermelon Slushie

This is another refreshing slushie for a hot summer day, which is very similar to the previous slushie that I posted. Simply take one medium sized watermelon and slice the flesh into cubes. Put them in plastic containers and put in the freezer overnight or until frozen. Then into your smoothie maker fill it with frozen melon cubes up to the max fill line. Add about a tablespoon of honey, as well as the juice of half a large lemon. You will need to add some water in order to get it to blend easily. Start by filling the smoothie maker cup 1/4 of the way with water. Then blend everything together. If you find it is not blending easily then add a little more water and try again as required. Once it is blended there will be more room in the cup and so you can add more cubes of the frozen melon. Blend again and repeat until you have used about half of the melon cubes. To serve I found it easiest to spoon the slushie into tall glasses and then add a thick straw.



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