Purple Rain Nails

I started this design off by using a nude sort of grey/purple shade called ‘Vanilla’ from Barry M’s matte nail paints. I used 2 coats of this on all nails.

_IMG_5613 copy

Next I took a large dotting tool and a silver shade. I randomly placed dots on each nail but tried to focus them near the top of the nail. The aim was to have the dots appear like they are falling down the nail in a gradient kind of effect, with the top of the nail containing dots and the tips of the nails being plain.

_IMG_5616 copy

Next I took a smaller sized dotting tool and did the same on all nails with the same silver colour.

_IMG_5619 copy

Once this was dry I repeated the same previous 2 steps, but with a lilac colour. I overlapped both sizes of the lilac dots over the silver dots I had previously placed.

_IMG_5627 copy

Lastly, I repeated the same thing again, but with a darker purple colour. Again I overlapped this over the other dots in places. It’s better to not get carried away with the number of dots you place of each colour.


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