Banana Chocolate Coins


Bananas are a very versatile fruit. I think it’s their texture that helps with this. They are also very yummy and sweet. Today I will show you a yummy snack, that is even better if you store them overnight in the freezer.

_IMG_6601 copy 2


  • About 3 medium – large bananas
  • About 200g of chocolate of your choice (milk/dark/white)

_IMG_6604 copy

1) First, break up the chocolate and put it in a mixing bowl, place the bowl over a saucepan of water on the hob. Make sure the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl. Turn on the heat and bring the water to a boil so that the chocolate starts to melt.

_IMG_6607 copy

2) Meanwhile, peel your bananas and slice them into thick coin shapes of about 1 – 2cm thick.

_IMG_6609 copy

3) Using a kebab skewer, push one slice of the banana onto the end of it.

_IMG_6612 copy

4) By this time your chocolate should be at least part melted. Using a spoon, cover the banana with the melted chocolate, making sure it is covered fully. Note: Once the chocolate in the bowl has melted fully, make sure you remove the bowl from the heat to stop it burning.

_IMG_6615 copy

5) Remove the banana slice from the skewer using the spoon and place it onto some baking paper. Spread the back of the spoon over the top of the slice in order to cover the hole left by the skewer. Repeat this until all your ingredients are used up.

_IMG_6632 copy

6) Place the baking paper with the banana slices on into the fridge just long enough so that the chocolate can become solid. Once this has happened, you can peel the slices from the paper and then stack them up on top of each other into a container with a lid. Then place this in the freezer for several hours or overnight to allow the banana to become frozen. They are then ready to enjoy!


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