Ombre Rhinestones Nail Art

I really love how this design came out, but then it does use my favourite colour.

_IMG_6644 copy

I started by painting all of my nails except the ring fingers in 2 coats of a shimmery white shade.

_IMG_6635 copy

On the ring fingers I used a purple textured fine glitter type nail paint. In order to keep durability and the matte textured finish with such nail polishes, I usually put one coat of the polish, then my top coat, and then the 2nd coat on the top of this.

_IMG_6636 copy

I then took rhinestones in silver, light purple and dark purple. I started by placing 2 silver rhinestones next to each other in a line starting from the base end of each nail that was painted in white.

_IMG_6640 copy

I then continued the lines by placing 2 light purple, and then lastly 2 dark purple rhinestones. This created a line going down the middle of each nail in a ombre rhinestone type effect.


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