Button Biccies

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I’ve been seeing a lot of cute biscuit ideas around the internet lately, and as biscuits are so easy to make I was really in the mood for some kitchen experimentation.

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  • 200g unsalted butter allowed to reach room temperature
  • 150g granulated sugar
  • 300g self-raising flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence or other flavoring of your choice (I used Almond to give them a Battenberg type taste)
  • Gel food colouring in colours of your choice

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1. Start by weighing out your sugar and adding it to a bowl.

2. Then weigh out your butter. Cut it into cubes and add to the bowl.

3. Add your vanilla essence and cream the butter and sugar together fully with a fork.

_IMG_6651 copy

4. Weigh out the flour and sieve it into the bowl.

_IMG_6654 copy

5. Add a pinch of salt and fold everything together into a dough using your hands.

_IMG_6656 copy

6. Split your mixture into equal sized balls, one for each of the colours you want to use. In my case I split it into 4.

_IMG_6659 copy

7. Manipulate each dough ball until the colouring is fully incorporated. Add more colouring if required and repeat.

8. Put the dough balls into the fridge to chill for 30 mins.

_IMG_6662 copy

9. Dust your work surface with flour and remove one of the dough balls from the fridge.

10. Start to preheat your oven on gas mark 5 and grease a baking tray with butter.

11. Roll out the dough to just under 1cm thick and use a large round cutter to cut out circle shapes.

12. Remove the excess dough and put it to one side to reuse later.

_IMG_6670 copy

13. I found it was best to keep the cutter around each circle while making the button design as this stops it from spreading out too much. To make the round circle impression in the button, I used an upside down shot glass that was just smaller than the size of my biscuit cutter. Make sure that you do not press down too far as we do not want to cut anything out. For an alternative button design, I pressed the lid of a lip balm tub into the middle of the button in order to make the edges of the buttons look thicker.

_IMG_6677 copy

14. In order to add the holes to each button, I simply used a straw, and then blew through it to remove the dough from the straw.

15. When my biscuits were designed, I carefully moved them over to the baking tray, making sure that there was room for any expansion in between.

16. I placed them in the over near the higher side of the middle of the oven for 10 mins.

17. After I turned the tray around and left them for a further 5 mins.

_IMG_6689 copy

18. Once cooked, I removed them from the oven and carefully removed them from the tray onto a wire rack in order to cool. Don’t worry if they seem a bit soft as they will harden as they cool.

19. Repeat steps 11 – 18 in order to use up the remaining of the dough ball.

20. Then repeat step 19 for the other colours of biscuit dough balls that you have left in the fridge.

_IMG_6705 copy

Don’t worry too much if some of your biscuits loose their shape too much while baking. Those ones are meant for your own personal taste testing before you have to share the rest.


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