Pretty Pink Bow Nails

For this design, I firstly started by painting all nails except the ring finger in 2 coats of a pastel shimmery pink shade. On the ring fingers I painted 2 coats of a nude shade.


On the pink nails I used a very small dotting tool and a dark pink shade and used this 2 make 2 small triangles on each nail. Afterwards I took a medium sized dotting tool and a lighter shade of pink to place a dot in between the 2 triangles. This formed a bow shape on each nail.

_IMG_5522 copy

I found the shades of pink that I used for these bows were too similar and so it just kind of merged together. I think it would have looked a lot better if I had used a gold colour to place the dot for the centre of the bows.

_IMG_5529 copy

On the ring fingers I added some rhinestones to make a large bow shape over the whole nail. I started by placing a light pink rhinestone in the very centre of the nail.

_IMG_5528 copy

Next I took a darker colour pink rhinestone and placed 2 on either side of the one I had just placed. Next to each of these rows I added a row of 3 rhinestones in the same colour. This created a bow shape. If your nail is wide enough, then continue to add rows of rhinestones to either side, increasing the amount by 1 each time.


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