Cool Blue Nails

For these nails I started off by painting the ring and thumb finger nails in 2 coats of a white shade. This particular shade has a fine shimmer in it and is from the Barry M Silk Effects collection.

_IMG_6902 copy

On the rest of the nails I painted 1 coat of a magnetic blue nail paint. I did not use the magnet at this time.

_IMG_6905 copy

Next I placed a small blue water droplet shaped nail art gem onto the ring finger and thumb nails near the middle of the base of the nail.

_IMG_6910 copy

Afterwards I added my top coat to all nails.

_IMG_6919 copy

Lastly, I painted another coat of the magnetic paint onto the required nails and used a magnet with a stripe pattern to create an effect. I did this after adding my top coat as I find the top coat always drags the effect away very easily.


3 responses

    • How I manage to get it to work best is to first paint on one coat. Then when it’s dry I’ll paint the second coat making sure the layer is not to thin. When I paint a nail, I will fo it in 3 strokes. One down one side of the nail, one down the middle and one down the other side. When using magnetic polish I find the side of the nail I started on will not work properly unless I put one more stroke over the top of the first one. I do all this as quickly as possible and then I hold the magnet over the top straight away. I make sure I hold it there as still as I can and as close as I can without touching the wet polish for about a minute. Make sure you really let it dry before using your top coat as it can drag the pattern away. Hope that helps!

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