Pretty Pink Gleaming Nails

For this design, I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of a neon pink shade to make my base.

_IMG_7297 copy

Next I went over everything with 2 coats of Barry M’s ‘Starlet’ from their Glitterati collection.

_IMG_7299 copy

I really love the brightness of the pink along with the sparkle of the glitter in this shade.

_IMG_7302 copy

Next I took a metallic gold shade and a thin nail art brush. Starting at the tip of the nail and working towards around the middle of the nail, I painted thin lines along the width of the nail, making sure to leave a bit of a gap in between each line. I repeated this for each nail.

_IMG_7305 copy

I then repeated the same to fill in the gaps between the lines I had just painted. However this time I made the lines a little shorter. It did not matter whether the lines looked ‘perfect’ as it is all part of the effect.


Rainbow Flick Nails

For these nails, I first started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a white shimmery shade.

_IMG_7649 copy

Once this was dry I used a pastel iridescent fine multi glitter topcoat. I concentrated the placement of this more near the base of each nail.


Next I took a thin nail art brush and 4 acrylic paints in red, purple, green and blue.

_IMG_7655 copy

On each nail I placed 4 little flicks coming from the same side of each nail, one in each colour.

_IMG_7661 copy

I placed 2 so that they pointed downwards and 2 so that they pointed upwards. This was so that they overlapped a bit at the ends of each flick.

Studs and Stripes Nails

For this design I started by taking a shimmery white shade and painting 2 coats of this on my thumb, ring and little finger nails.

_IMG_7202 copy

On the middle finger I painted 2 coats of a dark purple and on the index finger I painted 2 coats of a bright coral shade.

_IMG_7205 copy

On all fingers except the ring and thumb finger nails, I placed a diamond shaped gold coloured stud near the base half of the nail in the centre.

_IMG_7207 copy

On the thumb and ring finger nails I placed 4 vertical strips of striping tape on each nail. I took the purple shade and filled in 2 of the taped off sections on each thumb and one on each ring finger.

_IMG_7211 copy

Then, using the coral shade, I filled in 2 taped off sections on the ring fingers and 1 on each thumb. I immediately removed the striping tape and then added my top coat after giving it a bit of time to dry.

Metallic Magnetic Nails

For this design, I firstly started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a metallic goldish/bronze shade.

_IMG_5680 copy

Once this was fully dry, I used striping tape to tape off a section along the middle of each nail.

_IMG_5674 copy

To this middle section, I painted a coat of magnetic nail paint a black/grey shade to one nail.

_IMG_5681 copy

After waiting a few seconds I applied a second coat to this. I immediately held the magnet over this in order to create the magnetic pattern.

_IMG_5683 copy

I then removed the striping tape straight away before it had chance to dry. I repeated this for the remaining nails.