Floral Laguna Nails

This weeks design is a simple and subtle floral stamping look. I used a gold nail paint over the top of 2 of the new ‘Coconut Infusion’ shades by Barry M.

_20160515_133811 copy

I didn’t want this design to be bold and I didn’t want the stamping to stand out from the background colours too much either, so I feel the colours I chose worked perfectly together.

_20160515_133824 copy

On the thumb and little fingers I started by applying 2 coats of the shade ‘Sunkissed’. On the remaining fingers I applied 2 coats of the shade ‘Laguna’.


Once this had dried, I applied a fast drying top coat in order to avoid ‘squishing’ the base colour when applying my stamping. However I do find the polishes from the ‘Coconut Infusion’ range do dry quite well.

_20160515_133929 copy

Next I used a gold metallic nail paint and a floral design from ‘Born Pretty’ stamping plate #08. I applied this over the entire area of each nail. I then finished it off with another coat of top coat.


Golden Rain Nails

There was actually 2 different glitter nail polishes used for this design, but I got a bit carried away with the chunkier glitter that I placed on the top to be able to see the finer one underneath much.

_IMG_8263 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a foil gold shade. Once this was dry, I used a makeup sponge and blobbed a little bit of a fine gold glitter on it.

_IMG_8268 copy

I then dabbed the sponge onto the nail. I made sure to mainly focus on applying it to the tip and working upwards to around halfway up the nail in a gradient. I then repeated this 2 more times per nail, making sure that the most concentrated area of glitter on each nail was at the tip.

_IMG_8272 copy

I then took a chunky flakie gold glitter nail polish. This also does have a few subtle flakes of a rose gold in it as well, but it didn’t show up much on the camera. I repeated the sponging process I did above on each nail with this nail polish.

_IMG_8281 copy

A good thing about using a sponge in order to place the glitter, is that the sponge absorbs a lot of the clear base polish meaning that you put more of the glitter and less of the clear base onto the nail than if you were to use the brush instead.

Frosted Peach Nails

For this week’s design I tested out one of my most recent purchases, which is from the new’ish ‘Coconut Infusion’ range by Barry M. The one I am trying out is a peachy coral shade called ‘Flamingo’. I normally always use a base coat before painting my nails. However the polishes in this range are infused with coconut oil and coconut water to nourish your nails, so I didn’t use my normal base coat this time round in order to see how effective this is.

_20160507_152130 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of the ‘Flamingo’ shade. I haven’t bought any new Barry M nail paints in a while, but I noticed that they have improved the brush for the better. It is wider and has a rounded tip, which I found made it easier to apply the polish. As for the polish itself, I found the consistency and coverage good. I also noticed that it became touch dry fairly quickly, which is always a good thing.

_20160507_152140 copy

Once this was dry I took Barry M’s ‘Lady’ from their ‘Royal Textured Glitter’ range in order to fill in a half moon area at the base of each nail. I used a small nail art brush to help me do this. I used just 2 coats of this nail paint as I wanted to be able to see a little hint of the base colour coming through from underneath.

_20160507_152149 copy

Once this was dry, I used medium sized rhinestones and placed them in the centre of each nail along the line where the 2 colours meet. Afterwards, I used smaller rhinestones to cover the remaining areas of the lines where the 2 colours meet on each nail.

_20160507_155033 copy

I really love how this design came out, especially because of how much I like the colour of the ‘Flamingo’ shade. I also noticed that the formula of this polish dried with a nice smooth glossy finish so you could get away with not using a top coat if you wanted to like I have here.

Coral and Violet Nails

For this design I wanted something quite simple that used only 2 main colours. I often find the most simple designs can sometimes look the best.

_IMG_7979 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger nails in 2 coats of a coral shade.

_IMG_7985 copy

On the remaining nails I used a dark purple shade with fine gold glitter in it.

_IMG_7989 copy

On the ring fingers I placed a row of lilac rhinestones along the base of the nail.

_IMG_7995 copy

On the thumb nails I used a makeup sponge to sponge on the purple shade to make a gradient on the one half on the nail.