Pink Lace Nails

This week’s design is a simple nail stamping design using a darker pink lace pattern over a lighter pink base.


I used Konad’s plate M57 for this simple lace design. It came as part of their French Nail Art set.


I started by painting all nails in 1 coat of a shimmery light pink shade. I then went over this in 1 coat of a sort of off white semi-transparent white shade that has very fine blue shimmer in it that you can see when the light hits it at certain angles. I used this because I wanted to lighten off and make the base colour a bit cooler, as well as to add more depth to the design.


This was because I was using a darker pink colour for the stamping and I wanted to make sure it stood out. This shade was one that came with my stamping set.


I used a lace type pattern on the stamping plate and used the stamper to carefully place it along the tips of the nails. I did mess up with the placement on some of the nails, as I wanted it to be as close to the tips as possible. I think using a clear stamper over the one that came with my stamping set would have been the better option with avoiding this problem.


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