Vice Versa Floral

For this stamped design I wanted to use just 2 colours and have some nails the opposite way around to the others. However the purple came out a lot lighter in colour when stamping than when used as a background colour.

_20160710_174228 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger in 2 coats of a white polish.

_20160710_174240 copy

I then painted all remaining nails in 2 coats of a dark purple shade.


Once this was all dry, I took stamping plate #56 by Born Pretty and used a floral pattern from this along with the white polish to stamp over the purple nails.

_20160710_174315 copy

Then I used the same pattern with the purple polish to stamp over the white nails. I think I should have used a lighter shade of purple for the background colour as this way the stamping might have matched in shade a lot better.


Leafy Green Nails

This weeks design uses a leafy pattern from a stamping plate mixed in with a bit of everything lol (glitter, negative space, rhinestones, etc)

_20160703_133610 copy

I started by painting my thumbs and ring fingers with a sheer nude shade to improve their overall natural look. On the little fingers I painted 3 coats of a glittery shade with a tourquise base. On the remaining fingers I painted 2 coats of a dark green shade.

_20160703_140015 copy

On the index fingers I placed a single small rhinestone on each. I then coated everything with a quick dry topcoat. On my middle finger I used a leafy pattern from ‘Born Pretty’s’ stamping plate #19 and a white polish to stamp the design over the entire nail. I then coated it in top coat.

_20160703_133628 copy

I then took some masking tape and I lay down a strip on the table. I took a 2p coin and placed it on top of the tape near the one end. Using a pencil I drew around the side of the coin that was nearest to the end of the tape. I then moved the coin about an inch along the tape and drew around the same side again. I repeated this so that I had 8 curves drew onto the tape which I then cut these out to make 8 guides to use on my thumbs and ring fingers.

_20160703_135949 copy

I then used these guides by placing them so that the curved edge went across the middle of the nail and that the tips of the nails were left uncovered. I then used the same dark green shade to fill in the tips of the nails in green before removing the tape and adding a top coat. When everything was dry I applied the remaining strips of tape back onto the same nails in the same position. I took the same stamping pattern and white polish to stamp onto the green tips that I had created. I removed the tape and then used a thin paint brush to paint a white line over the edge of the green tip before finishing it off with a top coat.

Sunflower Nails

I have this yellow textured nail paint by Barry M which I have really wanted to try in a design lately. This sunflower design is what I came up with.

_20160501_140015 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a dark purple shade and all other nails in 2 coats of the yellow textured shade.

_20160501_140019 copy

On the purple nails I then used a thin brush and a yellow acrylic paint to paint on the petals for the sunflowers. After this had dried I went over it again to make the colour stand out more.

_20160501_140030 copy

I then mixed a little of an orange shade into the yellow to make it a slightly darker shade. I painted one thin line in this shade down the middle of each petal.

_20160501_140049 copy

I then took a dark brown and used a dotting tool to fill in the centre of the flowers. I made this brown lighter by mixing some of the left over yellow shade with it. I then used a tiny dotting tool to add the detail to the centre of the sunflowers.

Chrome Blue Floral Stamped Nails

This week’s design is a simple stamped design over a chrome metallic blue background.


I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of the chrome blue shade.

_20160327_132453 copy

I made sure that this was fully dry. I then used a small floral design on a Konad stamping plate I got as part of their French Manicure stamping set.

_20160327_134103 copy

I found that due to the triangular shape of this design, that the best place to place this design on the nail was near the base so that the one point of the triangle was pointing down the middle towards the tip of the nail. However I made sure to leave a little gap near the base of the nail before the stamped design starts. I used a plain black colour to stamp the design.

_20160327_150525 copy

I then finished off the design by placing a small ‘petrol black’ coloured rhinestone at the middle of the very base of each nail in the gap that I had left.