Nude Lace Nails

I’ve been really busy lately so for this week’s design I needed to do something that I could complete quickly, so I went for an easy stamped design.

I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of ‘Skinny Dip’ from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion Range.

Once this was touch dry I used a quick dry top coat and used liquid latex around each nail to help with clean up.

I then finished off the design by stamping a lace pattern in black over the top of each nail. The stamping plate I used was Harunouta #3.

I then peeled off the latex and cleaned up around each nail before putting on my final layer of top coat.


Magnetic Tartan Nails

For this design I wanted to use a tartan pattern from one of my stamping plates. The plate is Harunouta #10. The pattern only covers the one corner of the plate so is a bit on the small side, but I just about managed to cover my nails with it.

I also wanted the background colour to have a little depth to it so I used a red magnetic nail polish with a stripe patterned magnet.

I started by painting all nails in one coat of the red magnetic polish that I had chosen as my base. Once this was dry I applied a generous second coat, going one nail at a time, and immediately held the magnet over the top to give it a stripe pattern.

I gave this a good bit of time to dry really well. During this time I set up my stamping plate and tools. I used a black stamping polish to stamp my design. I also used liquid tape around my nails to help with the cleanup.

When I was ready I stamped the tartan pattern over each of my nails, removed the liquid tape and then used a flat brush with acetone to clean up any areas that needed it. I tried to place the design so that it was different on each nail. I also wanted to place it straight, but as I was not using a clear stamper, this didn’t quite happen on some nails.

French Valentines Tips Nails

This was a nice quick and simple Valentines design.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a dark pinkish red. This was ‘Raspberry’ by Barry M.

Once this was dry I used a white polish and stamped my design over the tips of each nail.

The plate I used is labeled ‘XY20’ and is a large plate of different tip designs that I got off eBay.

The design I chose is a pattern of heart shapes with 2 stripes to mark the edge of the tip.

Pastel Blossom Nails

For this design I wanted to try painting some thin branches with little leaves and blossoms on there.

I started by painting the thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a cream/nude shade to be the background for my main design.

On the little fingers I painted a sea green colour and on the remaining fingers I used a lilac.

On the ring and thumb fingers I then took a very thin brush and a light brown nail polish. I used this to paint a thin branch on each of the chosen nails.

I finished off the design by then using a small dotting tool to place some dots in the same sea green colour along the branch to make leaves. I tried to vary the pressure in order to make the sizes of the dots different. I then repeated the same in the lilac shade to look like blooms along the branch.