Jewellery Making Pearl Effect Charm Bracelets – Flutterflies

Here are a few pearl effect elasticated charm bracelets that I have made in the past. The charm theme for these bracelets are butterflies and dragonflies.







Jewellery Making Pearl Effect Charm Bracelets – Lizards

Here are a few more pearl effect elasticated charm bracelets that I have made in the past. The charms on each of these are of cute little lizards.





Jewellery Making – Animal Themed

Here are some pictures of a few animal themed earrings and a bracelet that I have made. The pig beads actually have glow in the dark flecks in them.







Butterfly and Heart Necklace

It’s been ages since I have been able to find the time to do any jewellery making. I was recently talking to a friend who I used to do jewellery making with sometimes about this and we decided to put aside a bit of time one weekend to get re-aquantied with our old hobby. Especially as we had just done a big bead shop not long before the last time I made anything.


I made this long delicate shell butterfly and glass heart necklace.


I wanted a necklace that was long enough to just fit over my head, as it saves me precious seconds in the morning when getting ready. My timing in the mornings has always been an epic fail. I have always been more productive in the evenings and night times.


The image below is a pair of earrings and bracelet that my husband made for me at the same time as he wanted to see what this whole jewellery making thing was all about.


Jewellery Making #15 – Crystal Rondelle Charm Bracelets

Here I wanted to share some pictures of a bunch of similar charm bracelets that I have made.


All of them are made mainly from crystal rondelle beads that I had in a few different colours.


All were strung onto elastic as I find its easier to get sizing right when you use elastic.


Also I personally prefer elasticated bracelets as you can get them on and off easy. None of this trying to do a clasp up one handed business lol.


Also on each bracelet I used a few different charms that I had to make them into charm bracelets.


I think they look quite cute, what do you think?








Jewellery Making #14 – Selection of Earrings

Here’s a selection of different earrings that I have created over the past year that I wanted to share with you.


This first pair was made as a gift for a work colleagues birthday. The leopard print beads are made from shell.


These butterfly charm earrings were paired up with a mobius ring made from some larger jump rings that I had. I  have recently started to use coloured metal other than silver and quite like the effect that you get from using antique bronze coloured findings in my pieces as it makes things look very vintage.


These pretty but simple dangle earrings use glass pearls and large beadcaps.


These use some quite small but pretty beads that I had to finish off a design using some dove shaped charms.


These dangle earrings were made using some beads that I had in a petrol effect type finish.


Lastly these cute earrings were made from some little turtle beads I came across in a bead shop in Weston Super Mare that I discovered when we went for a day trip to the seaside last year.

My Etsy Shop

I’ve recently decided to give Etsy another go  and have put some of the handmade jewellery I have made on there:


I really want to get back into my jewellery making but I have so much at home still that I have made. It seems a shame that no one gets to enjoy my creations, which makes me reluctant to make more. I really enjoy making new bracelets mostly. It would also be nice to fund new materials and fancy beads to make new pieces.

I’ve tried selling some on Ebay and Etsy in the past but have so far had very little luck. This time around I’ve decided to try making it available worldwide instead of just inside the UK after looking at postage estimates online.

However, what I was mostly wondering, is who else out there has tried to, or does sell their own handmade crafts on Etsy? How much luck have they had with it and what tips do people have to make it work? What are people’s opinions on the site or do you know any better alternatives etc?

Thanks in advance for any comments you may have on my questions. Also let me know what kinds of things you sell on Etsy yourself.

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Here are a couple of pictures of some Christmas tree decorations that I attempted to make a few years ago. My wire wrapping skills have never been much good so they didn’t turn out as neat as I would have liked, but they still look nice hung on the tree. What do you think? They are supposed to be snowflake/stars.