Floral Hair Clips

I did quite a few bits of DIY crafts for my wedding last year. One of which were these foam rose hair clips. I wanted to share with you all how I made them as it was actually quite simple.


I purchased some foam roses online that I liked. They came with metal stems which I was able to remove by carefully pulling them out. These particular roses had a piece of green paper on the underneath to look like leaves. I used this to help hold the clips in place. I then took a plain alligator clip and carefully pushed it between the paper and foam rose to make a space for it to fit properly. I then removed it, being careful not to rip the paper too much. Using a hot glue gun, I covered the top fork of the clip with glue and then quickly pushed it back between the paper and rose before the glue dried. If you feel it does not secure it well enough you can put some additional glue where needed, but be careful to not overdo it.


I also added a single rhinestone to the top center of each flower. I carefully used tiny amounts of glue in order to glue the petals in the center down more flat. This was to make everything look a lot better once the rhinestone had been placed down as I wanted it to be flat on the side of a petal. I again used hot glue to stick this in place.


I also made a clip made up of 2 flowers with loops of white organza ribbon in the center. To make this one, I started by making a small loop in the ribbon that the top fork of the alligator clip could fit through. I sewed this together and then sewed several bigger loops going from side to side like a few infinity symbols on top of each other. I then sewed one foam flower to the top and one to the bottom of the ribbon loops. I used the hot glue gun to secure the ribbon loop to the alligator clip. I also added rhinestones to each flower in the same way as I did for the other clips.

_IMG_5216 copy


Handmade Wedding Invitation and Guest Book Card

I wanted to share with you all the handmade wedding invitations and ‘guest book card’ that I made for my wedding day last year. If planning my wedding hadn’t have been so hectic (made more hectic by organising my husbands visa application at the same time), then I might have thought about taking some good pictures in order to show a step by step guide.


For the invitations I was going for a simple but pretty design. I used A5 sized pieces of white textured card. Holding it in portrait orientation, I folded the top down and bottom up into the middle of the card to make 2 flaps.

On the top flap I used sticky sponge pads to stick a small card banner that I purchased which said ‘Wedding Invitation’ on it.

I also purchased some lilac card butterfly shapes. I stuck small silver rhinestones onto the heads of these. To make them more 3D, I slightly folded the wings upwards. I attached one to the top left corner of the card and the other to the opposite diagonal corner.

On the remaining 2 corners I attached small flowers. I made these using a flower shape paper punch to punch out silver and lilac flower shapes. For each flower I put a silver flower shape at the bottom and glued a lilac one on top in the center, making sure that the silver petals were visible in between the lilac ones. I made these slightly 3D by bending the petals up slightly and then glued a silver rhinestone to the center of each completed flower.

For the inside of the invitation, I designed and printed the text for the invitations on the computer and then printed this out onto lilac coloured card. I designed it in a way so that when it was cut out, it could be glued into what becomes the middle of the centre section of the card when it is unfolded. I made sure it was a bit smaller than this centre section so that it left an even white border around the lilac insert.

I used A6 sized silver envelopes that I purchased to house the completed invitations.


This ‘Please sign our guest book’ card was made out of left over materials that I had from the wedding invitations.

I cut the white textured card into A6 size and then folded it in half so that the fold was across the top of the card when standing it on the table.

I made a label on the computer that was roughly half the size of the front of the white card and printed this out onto lilac card. I cut this out and stuck this onto a piece of silver card. I then cut out the silver card so that it was a little bigger in order to make a silver border around the lilac card. I then glued this onto the front of the white card.

I then completed the card by attaching a small paper flower near the top corner that I had made in the exactly the same way as I did for the wedding invitations.

I ended up making quite a lot of these paper flowers and using them for other decoration on the day. One example of this was for a banner that I had purchased on eBay. The banner was made from lilac card cut out to the shapes of the letters used in the banner that were hung on thin ribbon. I felt it was a little plain and so I attached some of the flowers that I had made onto each of the letters. However for these flowers I only used one layer of the silver card instead of layering it up like I did with the invitations. You can see a picture of this below.


Cute Sweet Gift Box

I wanted to share with you all this little sweet box I made recently. I made it in order to hold some fudge that I had made my mom as a mother’s day gift earlier this year, but you could use it for all kinds of little gifts.


I measured and drew out a basic square net on a piece of lilac card for both the box and the lid. I made the lid 5mm larger than the box so that it can fit on the top, but only half as tall. I then cut this out and glued it together with PVA glue.


I then took some white organza ribbon and tied this around the box with a bow on the top like you would with a present. To make the flower decoration, I have a little paper punch in the flower shape that I used to punch out a flower from silver card. I pulled the petals closer together a little to make it look more 3D. I then glued this to the box and added a little rhinestone to the centre of the flower.

LED Tea Light Rose Candle

For my latest crafty time activity I decided to make some of these gorgeous rose LED tea lights that I stumbled across at this link on Pinterest. The tutorial looked just too good to not try out and share.


They are actually quite simple to make. All you need is some LED tea lights. Ones with a switch at the bottom, rather than the twist kind is better, as you will be covering the sides of the light. I also went for the kind where the LED flickers like a real candle. As well as this you need some plastic spoons (I used clear ones to make them more ‘invisible’), some fabric rose petals in the colour of your choice (I went with pink to match my living room), and a glue gun.

1900006_10205855984173193_6097935882782277261_n copy

You take your plastic spoons and remove the handles. Then glue a petal to the back of each spoon. You then glue these around your tea light, placing the bottom of the spoon around halfway up the side of the tea light. Then you repeat the same, but you glue this layer around the bottom of the side of the tea light. When placing the spoons, do them in the same direction so that the petals overlap each other on the same side. When placing the last spoon in a row, make sure that it overlaps on the correct side, but then underlays the petal on the opposite side. I found I needed 8 spoons in total (4 in each of the 2 rows).

IMG_6549 copy

Then to complete the rose, place more rows of petals going around (without spoons) in the same direction in order to cover the remaining gaps and the tea light. I found for the size of mine meant that I needed to add 2 more rows. I therefore did a row of four petals and then I used 8 petals for the most bottom most row. If you glue only the one side of the first petal in the row, then I found this makes it easier to overlap it over the last petal that you place.


Jam Jar Tea Light Candle Holder

I got the ideas for this craft by combining parts from the following 2 tutorials I found on Pinterest:
1) Easy Mason Jar Luminaries
2) DIY: Grouted Iridescent Glass Marble Vase


You basically get a jar or glass container such as an old jam jar. Then using a hot glue gun, stick those little glass pebbles you can get in the home décor section of the supermarket in rows around the sides of the jar. I used some light pink ones to match my living room. Afterwards take some tile grout and grout in between the pebbles and over the entire sides of the jar. Leave it to dry, and then using a cloth and a little water, clean off any grout from the tops of the pebbles.


I’m really pleased with how it came out. I love making things. I was really surprised how one little tea light lights up so bright inside it. The way the light shines out through the glass pebbles reminds me of a beehive, and it puts the light out on the nearby walls and table top in a pretty pattern. This would be the perfect craft for a candle addict.

Simple Handmade 3D Flower Card

Back when I was India I found these craft paper punches while shopping one day. The good thing is everything is so cheap there compared to back home, especially things like costume jewellery and such. For example I got some really pretty metal hair clips  that were covered in gems and rhinestones and such for the equivalent of about £0.24 each! My fiancé was really tempting me to buy tons of accessories for my self while I was there. I really wish now that I had listened to him more lol.


Anyways I decided to pick up a couple of the paper punches for myself to use for future scrap booking and other crafty things. Both the ones I got were flower shaped ones as I felt they would be the most versatile. A link to the same brand that I managed to fins online is here.


As I am sending my fiancé a gift in the post, I decided now would be the perfect time to test them out by making a simple little card. The card itself was made using some leftover scrapbook paper that I had left over. For the flowers I first punched out 20 flowers using one of the flower punches. 10 in a light orange and 10 in a darker orange.


I then used a bit of PVA in the middle of each darker flower and placed the lighter one on top. Using an orange stick I turned the lighter one so that you could see the petals of the darker one underneath. Once that was dry I used my fingers to make the petals stick upwards a bit so that it wasn’t so flat.


Afterwards I added a silver rhinestone to the middle of each flower. I then attached them to the card using those sponge stickers that you use in decoupage as I wanted it to have even more of a 3D effect. You could make flowers like these and use them on many things. Basically anything crafty that you would stick embellishments to at least.


Some of you may of read my long distance relationship story at the end of last year. The reason I posted that was so that when I got around to making this post you all had a bit of the background story as to why I made this. I basically wanted to make this scrapbook as a gift and collection of the memories me and my fiancé shared during that time.  I wanted this post to tell you all how I made the scrapbook as this is my first time scrapbooking and definatley won’t be my last.


Materials gathered

  • Thick card that was sturdy enough to make the pages
  • Rings to bind the book together
  • Backing paper in different designs
  • PVA glue to stick it all together
  • Photographs of our memories
  • Embellishments in different styles to decorate the pages
  • Ribbon to hold the book closed


How I created the book

  • First I cut the backing card to the size I wanted. I then worked out where I wanted to bind each of the pages and punched holes in the card for this purpose.
  • I next decided on what backing paper I wanted on which pages and cut it to size. Once this was done I stuck it down how I wanted it. On the front cover the design was a bit different.
  • Once everything was dry I planned out which photos to stick where and glued them down. On the inside of the back cover I also cut another piece of backing paper and stuck it down in order to make a keepsake sleeve for tickets and receipts for example.


  • While this was drying I wrote the title of the scrapbook on the front cover and also a message to my fiancé on the inside of the front cover.
  • Next it was time to add the embellishments. I had some plastic heart shapes, some green heart shaped gems, some felt flowers, some smaller flower stickers, some orange fancy flowers and some small green bows. I planed out and then glued the embellishments onto each of the pages in order to decorate the scrapbook.
  • Once this was all dry I placed the binding rings through the punched out holes to hold everything together. I had a small heart shaped charm from my jewellery making supplies which says ‘handmade with love’ that I also attached to the top binding ring.
  • I then finished the whole thing off by tying a length of orange spotty ribbon around the book to hold the pages closed.


It took about a week and a half to arrive to him ,and although it got a little squished in transit Binu loved it.

Message Peg

I saw a picture online of something very similar to this a few weeks back and I just had to make the same for my boyfriend.

It’s basically a clothes peg with a strip of paper wrapped round it and glued on with PVA glue. However the strip of paper is kept a bit longer and is folded in the middle in between where the peg closes together.

On the parts of the paper that you can see you draw on it to make it look like an envelope. On the part of the paper that is folded up in between the peg you write a message. You then give it to the person you made it for and ask them to open the peg.

When they open it up they will reveal the message!

It was a bit fiddly to make in terms of getting the paper the right length and getting the folds in the right place, all whilst remembering the fact that the peg closes itself when you need it to stay open. Therefore I found it easier to take the peg apart and glue the paper to one side. I then figured out where it will need to fold, put the peg back together and glued the other side on.

Valentine Origami

My friend gave me a couple of origami tutorials a few weeks ago along with some pretty paper to make some valentines things for my boyfriend. The tutorials were quite simple but the end results came out quite pretty in my opinion. I thought I would share some pictures with everyone below.

The main piece is this cute little bag made from the green and pink patterned paper.

The triangle shapes that fold down showed as the plain back of the paper so I got a different sheet and cut the corners from this and stuck in place to make it less plain. I then used the same paper to make a handle for the bag.

To finish it off I stuck a little button on each side.

With some of the remainder of the second sheet of paper, I made this cute little origami heart and placed it inside the bag.

Finally there was just enough paper left to make this small envelope to put inside the bag as well. On the back of the paper I wrote my valentines message to my boyfriend for him to read when unfolding the paper.

My boyfriend loved it when he got it with his card. I think his favorite part was the buttons I used for the finishing touch to the bag.

Decoupage Panda

I was going to do this blog post on makeup I got for Christmas, however I was watching the create and craft channel on freeview the other weekend, and it really got me in the mood for doing something crafty. They were mainly doing card making type things so I decided to have a go at some decoupage, the result of which you can see in the image below.

The panda design is one I created myself a few years ago in Photoshop. I keep all my .psd files, which made it easy to use the different layers to split the image up into the different levels to make the 3D effect. I printed it out on white card, cut it out and fixed together with foam pads onto blue card. I then cut it out on a circle and attached it to some purple card.

I’m pleased with how it came out, and very pleased that the printer had some ink left in it for once lol! Despite the simpleness of the image, I think it’s more special to me than if I had done decoupage with something I had bought. This is because the image used itself is my own design and it therefore makes it more personal in my opinion. It also makes it completely my own work I guess. However I think that maybe I should have made the main branch that the panda is sitting on 3D by one level as I think it looks too flat compared to the 3D leaves layered on top.

What do you think? Has anyone else used an image they have created themselves and then turned it into a piece of decoupage, and if so did you find it a lot more rewarding?