Metallic Turquoise Nails

For this design I attempted to recreate the look of turquoise gemstone. From looking at pictures online I seen that the stone has black lines going through it with bits of gold here and there.


I started with my base colour. Rather than a flat turquoise shade, I wanted my base colour to be more metallic looking. The colour I chose is called ‘Teal’ by Barry M. I had to paint 3 coats of this to get the cover that I wanted.


I then took a thin brush and a black acrylic paint. I used this to paint in the black lines.


It ended up a little bit different to how turquoise really looks, as the lines should have been more circular rather than looking like cracks. However I still liked how the pattern turned out in the end.


I then took a gold polish that was made up of very densely packed gold shimmer. Using the same sized brush I then went over and painted in little bits of gold here and there on and around the black lines before finishing off with a top coat.


Flicks and Dots Floral Nails

I wanted to practice a floral design with flicks in it because I really struggle with paining flicks in designs. They always come out so messy lol.


I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a bright blue shade. On top of this I used white acrylic paint and a thin paint brush to paint in some flicks on each nail.


I then took a small dotting tool and a pink shimmery shade to place clusters of dots near where the flicks started from on some nails to make the petals of flowers.


I then repeated the same with a gold colour. Afterwards I used the opposite colour of the petals to fill in the centers of each flower.


To complete the design, I used a smaller dotting tool to place rows of shimmery blue dots on each nail to add more detail.

Purple Acrylic Paint Marble Nails

For this week’s design, I wanted to try out a design using acrylic paint, so decided on a marble type effect.


I started by painting all my nails in white to make a base for the design and to help the colours show up.


Next I painted over the top of the first nail in purple acrylic paint and then blobbed on some splodges of a white acrylic paint. I then used a piece of kitchen foil and gently rocked it over the top of the paint in order to blend it together.


I then blobbed more blobs of white and purple over the top and used the brush to blend them into the design slightly until I was happy with the distribution of the white and purple areas on the nail. I then repeated this on all nails.


Afterwards I cleaned up any mess around the nails, and used a clear nail paint to attach a single bright neon orange nail stud to each nail. I then sealed the design together with a top coat. Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out and think the orange studs I used to finish off the design work really well with the purple.

Sunflower Nails

I have this yellow textured nail paint by Barry M which I have really wanted to try in a design lately. This sunflower design is what I came up with.

_20160501_140015 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a dark purple shade and all other nails in 2 coats of the yellow textured shade.

_20160501_140019 copy

On the purple nails I then used a thin brush and a yellow acrylic paint to paint on the petals for the sunflowers. After this had dried I went over it again to make the colour stand out more.

_20160501_140030 copy

I then mixed a little of an orange shade into the yellow to make it a slightly darker shade. I painted one thin line in this shade down the middle of each petal.

_20160501_140049 copy

I then took a dark brown and used a dotting tool to fill in the centre of the flowers. I made this brown lighter by mixing some of the left over yellow shade with it. I then used a tiny dotting tool to add the detail to the centre of the sunflowers.

Fire Stripes Nails

For this week’s design I tested out the fan brush I got recently in a set of small brushes.

_IMG_7722 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a peach colour.

_IMG_7728 copy

Next I took a yellow acrylic paint and used the fan brush to make little strokes across all nails.

_IMG_7731 copy

Next I used a orange paint and repeated the same.

_IMG_7737 copy

I completed the design by repeating on top of this with a red paint. The way the different lines of colour overlapped and mixed together reminded me of flames.

Rainbow Flick Nails

For these nails, I first started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a white shimmery shade.

_IMG_7649 copy

Once this was dry I used a pastel iridescent fine multi glitter topcoat. I concentrated the placement of this more near the base of each nail.


Next I took a thin nail art brush and 4 acrylic paints in red, purple, green and blue.

_IMG_7655 copy

On each nail I placed 4 little flicks coming from the same side of each nail, one in each colour.

_IMG_7661 copy

I placed 2 so that they pointed downwards and 2 so that they pointed upwards. This was so that they overlapped a bit at the ends of each flick.