Caviar Triangle Nails

This one didn’t come out too good, but I still wanted to share it. The problem was when I added the topcoat, but without it the beads come off much easier.

_IMG_0342 copy

Firstly I painted all nails with 2 coats of a nude shade.

_IMG_0345 copy

Then I added my microbeads to each nail. They were a mix of bright pink and blue beads.

_IMG_0347 copy

The plan was to place them in a triangular shape coming down from the top of each nail.

_IMG_0349 copy

Afterwards I added my topcoat. Unfortunate I find the colours tend to run on microbeads. It’s not so bad when the whole nail is covered, but in this case they wasn’t. I did have to go over my base colours in some areas to cover where the colour had ran.


Jewellery Making – #13 – Bracelets and Necklaces

I haven’t posted pics of my jewellery making in a while so thought I would share some of my most recent creations.


Hope you like them!

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Here are a couple of pictures of some Christmas tree decorations that I attempted to make a few years ago. My wire wrapping skills have never been much good so they didn’t turn out as neat as I would have liked, but they still look nice hung on the tree. What do you think? They are supposed to be snowflake/stars.

Jewellery Making – #12 – More Bracelets

Here are some more bracelets that I have handmade.

The below bracelets are pictures of some of the first chain maille jewellery that I made. The completely silver coloured byzantine bracelet was my first ever piece of chain maille jewellery.

The pictures below are a jewellers bronze 5 ring mobius bracelet that was from a kit that I purchased online. I found the instructions that came with this quite confusing to follow and so found the bracelet hard to make. Since then I have realised that to make one mobius ring on it’s own is very easy. However the instructions with the kit told you to attach jump rings to make the whole length of the bracelet first, and then add rings going along the length of the bracelet in layers until your mobius rings are complete. This leads me to wonder if it would be a lot easier to create the bracelet by making a complete mobius ring, then creating your next mobius ring attached to the first one and repeating this until you have the length you desire.

Jewellery Making – #11 – Bracelets

Here are some bracelets that I have handmade. Bracelets are my favourite kind of jewellery and I don’t normally leave the house without at least 1 bracelet on each arm.

Jewellery Making – #10 – More Necklace Sets

Here are some more of the necklace sets I have made. Most of the necklaces I make are short in length. However the last picture with the blue and purple square beads show my first long necklace, and is actually one of my favourite necklaces.

Jewellery Making – #9 – Necklace Sets

Here are some of the necklaces and matching bracelet sets I have made. Some also have matching earrings. Most of these are from the very first jewellery that I made (with the first picture being the very first), so some of the pictures are not of good quality. Despite this I hope you like them.

Jewellery Making – #8 – Watches, Charms, Rings and Earrings

These pictures show a variety of different handmade jewellery type things that I have made.


These are the kinds of charms you attach to bags or phones. The dragonfly one I actually have hanging from my car rear view mirror. The most complicated one was the teddy bear one made using tiger tail and seed beads, which I made for my boyfriend. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos as they are quite old from before we had a camera that could do close up shots.


This ring was made using elastic and seed beads, along with a focus bead.


The yellow star earrings are actually origami and are made from a thin long strip of paper. They are called lucky stars.


These are watches I made using some beads on tiger tail. They were made so that the strap could easily be swapped for a different design.

Jewellery Making – #7 – Dragon Fly and Other Necklaces

Here are some of the necklaces I have made, most of which are dragon fly themed.

The blue one above was actually made by my aunty, and is the person who I learned how to make these from.

The wings are made from beads called dagger beads.

They are fairly simple to make using tiger tail,and I think they look quite pretty.

The next picture shows a flower necklace I made using the same dagger beads.

The following necklace was also made using dagger beads.

This next necklace was made by wrapping wire around a pebble my brothers brought home from a trip to the seaside one day. The wire didn’t wrap how I would have liked. I am not very good at wire wrapping but I think that’s because I need to learn more about which wire is best to use as this wire didn’t hold in place very well.

This next butterfly pendant was made using very thin wire.

Handmade Jewellery – #1

One of my hobbies other than nail painting is to hand make my own  jewellery. It has been ages since I made a lot of jewellery, but have recently got back into the mood of jewellery making. Last Saturday my friend came round and we spent the day making bracelets and earrings. The below pictures are of the things I made that day, and a few are from what I made the day after. Be warned there are a lot of pictures in this post.

I have been jewellery making for around 3 years now and I plan on sharing pictures of everything I have created on my blog.  I will be randomly posting them over time so there will be a mixture of photo quality,  as the oldest ones were when I didn’t have access to a half decent camera. Also as most of what I create is self taught there will be a mixture of jewellery quality,  as the very first things I created were back when I was still experimenting and learning things. Despite this I still want to share all the pictures on my blog and hope you enjoy them.