Metallic Magnetic Nails

For this design, I firstly started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a metallic goldish/bronze shade.

_IMG_5680 copy

Once this was fully dry, I used striping tape to tape off a section along the middle of each nail.

_IMG_5674 copy

To this middle section, I painted a coat of magnetic nail paint a black/grey shade to one nail.

_IMG_5681 copy

After waiting a few seconds I applied a second coat to this. I immediately held the magnet over this in order to create the magnetic pattern.

_IMG_5683 copy

I then removed the striping tape straight away before it had chance to dry. I repeated this for the remaining nails.


Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Simple Smokey

This is a simple smokey combination.

_IMG_5557 copy

On the inner side I used a silvery colour and on the outer side I used a shimmery dark grey colour.

_IMG_5561 copy

I mimiced the same with the eyeliner by using silver on the inner half and a black on the outer half.

Tones of Purple Nails

I always find I need to concentrate more to paint my nails neat when they are very short and I really cant figure out why lol.

_IMG_6586 copy

Anyways, I started this design by painting my ring and middle finger with 1 coat of a purple magnetic effect. On the second coat I used the magnet to create the magnetic effect.

_IMG_6590 copy

On all other nails I painted 2 coats of a nude shade called ‘Vanilla’ by Barry M. This is a very pretty nude shade from their matte collection, but it still looks great when you use a glossy top coat over it. I would describe it as a nude light greyish purple colour.

_IMG_6594 copy

Then on the ring fingers I painted 2 coats of the nude shade, but only on one half of the nail vertically.

_IMG_6596 copy

I finished the design off by placing one purple rhinestone in the top middle of each nail except for the ring fingers. On these I placed a line of purple rhinestones to cover the join in the 2 colours used instead.

Black and Orange Freehand – Lost nail art pictures

For this one I painted all nails in a bright red orange/coral colour. Then using a nail art brush, I attempted to freehand 2 black stripes onto each nail as I was short for time.


The aim was for the tip to be a larger black area with a thinner black stripe just above it.

Red Flame Tip Nails

I’m not really sure what I wanted to achieve with this design other than I wanted to use the colours black and red, but I did not want the tips to be the standard boring ‘straight’ tip like you would do for a French manicure. The problem was that I was short on time.


Therefore I ended up with these squiggly line kind of tips. The final result reminded me a little of flames hence the title of this post. I love how the above image reflects my camera in it lol (which is also red by the way).

_IMG_5251 copy

I painted all nails black, except for the ring fingers, which I did in red. I used a bright red that had a little shimmer to it.

_IMG_5267 copy

On the ring fingers I then added a line of 3 black rhinestones.

_IMG_5269 copy

On the tips of the rest of the nails, I used a smaller nail brush to add the squiggles/flicks in the red colour. I think i should have used a even thinner brush though to make it look better.

_IMG_5271 copy

This has given me the idea to try and do some proper flame nails in the future sometime using shades of yellow, orange and red.

Glitter Stripe Nails

Originally I was going to add stripes to all the nails, but I was short on time and messed up a bit in my rush. In the end I settled for just doing the ring fingers.

_IMG_5295 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in the same colour. I went for a shimmery glittery blue shade. For the ring fingers I went for a gold in the same style of polish.

_IMG_5296 copy

It is essential that you make sure each coat of nail polish is given enough time to dry fully, other wise you risk pulling off the base colour when you peel off the striping tape. I put strips of tape at random angles over the ring finger nails.

_IMG_5300 copy

Next I painted a black polish over the ring finger nails. Before it has chance to dry too much, remove the tape. I suggest trying to remember the order in which you layered each strip of tape so that you can remove it starting with the top most strip.

_IMG_5303 copy

I found if I was not careful to remove the tape in this way then I risked messing up the perfectness of my lines, which I ended up doing a little until I had realised this.

Denim Triangle Nails

This one is kinda simple and uses just 2 different nail polishes and some striping tape.

_IMG_0321 copy

I firstly painted all nails in 2 coats of a black nail varnish.

_IMG_0322 copy

Then using striping tape, I taped off a triangle shape. Although it is a lot more fiddly to use tape, you get a much better, neater and cleaner result than if you were to draw the triangles freehand.

_IMG_0326 copy

Then I used a Barry M nail paint called Denim. One finger at a time I painted inside the striping tape and then once done I removed the tape straight away to leave straight crisp lines.

_IMG_0331 copy

Once I had finished I realised that the darkness of the colours are too close together, meaning that the design is not as noticeable from a distance. If I were to do this design again, I think I would replace the black with a nude shade.

Bumble Bee Nails

I loved my Ladybird nails so much that I did earlier this year that I just had to make some Bumble Bee ones.

_IMG_7570 copy

I firstly painted my nails with a pastel yellow shade.

_IMG_7572 copy

As I wanted my bees to look a bit fluffy, I then used a yellow textured nail paint by Barry M over the top. You can’t really tell from the photos though. Flocking powder in yellow would probably look even better but I don’t have any in yellow.

_IMG_7574 copy

After I painted the tips in black and used a nail art pen in black to add the stripes. The texture underneath made these stripes look a bit patchy in places, but that helped to add the the whole fluffy effect that I was after.

_IMG_7575 copy

I then finished them off with some white and black dots on the tips to make the eyes. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Ladybird Nails

Back when I first started to get into nail art I remember I did quickly try out a Ladybird design but it was only on my thumb nail. I figured it was time to have a proper go at it because it looks so cute.

_IMG_7557 copy

First I painted all my nails in 2 coats of Barry M’s retro red shade. This is a lovely deep shimmery red.

_IMG_7559 copy

I then painted the tips in 2 coats of a black nail paint. Once this was dry I drew a line down the middle of each nail using a black nail art pen.

_IMG_7560 copy

I then used a small dotting tool to add 3 spots to each side of the black line on each nail, making 6 dots per nail in total.

_IMG_7562 copy

Then I finished the design with 2 white dots on the black tips for eyes. I then added 2 black dots for pupils using a nail art pen.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Tourquoise and Grey

This time we have a simple turquoise and grey combination.

_IMG_7461 copy

All colours used came form the MUA Glitterball palette.

_IMG_7462 copy

I used the turquoise shade on the inner half of each eye.

_IMG_7464 copy

Then I used a little bit of the black shade and blended it so that it looked more dark grey. I then sweeped some of the silver shade over the top of where I put the black.