Floral Stamped Sticker Nails

For this design I reverse stamped a floral pattern and coloured it in to make some nail vinyls. I really love the peachy pastel orange shade that I used for this design with the iridescent glitter topper over it. The orange is from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion range.

I started by painting 4 rectangles of topcoat onto a silicone mat. I then stamped the flower pattern onto the top of this. Using a thin brush I then filled in the petals with a dark purple and peachy pastel orange shades. Once this was dry I went over it again with the top coat again.

On my middle and ring finger nails I painted 2 coats of a very light lilac shade. I peeled the nail vinyls from the silicone mat and stuck them down onto these nails with a clear top coat.

I used a cuticle stick, nail scissors and acetone on a flat brush to remove and clean up any of the excess that was overhanging the nail.

On the other remaining nails I painted them with 2 coats of the orange shade. Once this was dry I painted over it with a coat of a iridescent glitter topper.

On top of these nails I placed a single purple nail stud. I then went over the top of everything with a top coat.

Geometric Red Nails

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. I think the combination of the red and gold go well together, and the glitter in the red base adds a little something extra to the overall look.

I also really like the geometric triangular designs from this stamping plate. It is #77 of the round plates by Born Pretty.

I started by painting all nails in 1 coat of a deep red. I then went over it in 2 coats of a glittery red shade. As the red in this shade was quite translucent, I used the deep red shade underneath to help with the coverage.

I then used my stamping plate and a metallic gold shade to stamp the designs onto each nail.

I used a different design from the same plate on each nail on one hand, and then repeated this on the other hand so that they matched.

Stamped Necklace Nails

The title for this post comes from the fact that the stamped design reminds me of some necklaces dangling down on each nail.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a coral/ pastel orange shade. This is from Barry M’s Coconut Infusions range.

Once this was dry I went over it with a top coat and then stamped my necklace pattern over the top of it in a black shade.

I placed the design so that the pattern was coming from the base of the nail.

I then placed a small black rhinestone on each nail in the half circle area left at the base of the nail by the design, before finishing off with a top coat.

Holo Stars Nails

For this design, I layered a star stamping pattern over a silver holographic nail polish. I took the pictures in bright direct sunlight as this helped the holo show up better on the camera.


I started by painting all nails in a black polish as it helps to get the best from the holo polish.


Once this was dry I went over every nail with the holo polish. I needed to use 3 coats in the end to get the coverage I wanted.


I then used a star type pattern on a stamping plate. I used a black polish to stamp the design over the whole of each nail.


I then cleaned up any stamping that went onto the areas around my nails, before finishing off the design with a top coat.

Red and Gold Mandala Nails

So for this weeks design, I gave the mandala stamping plate (born pretty plate #bpx15) another go. I had trouble getting this to work with any of my clear stampers, and had to give up on it in the end.


This time around I used a squishy sticky marshmallow stamper and got much better results. The only problem was, that this meant I couldn’t really see where I was placing the design. Due to this both hands don’t match up as well as I wanted them too.


I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a deep raspberry red shade. I let this dry for a bit and then used a dry fast top coat over the top.


Next, I used liquid latex around my nails to help make clean up easier. I find I have to use it on alternate nails, and then after I am finished with those nails I can go back and do the rest. This is because I always end up touching the fingers together and the latex just sticks to itself and pulls away from my fingers before I even get chance to stamp on them.


To finish the design, I used a gold nail paint with the mandala designed stamping plate and stamped onto each nail. I tried to use a different part of the design on each nail on one hand and then make the other hand match. I then cleaned up around my nails and finished everything off with a top coat.

Autumn Medley Nails

For this week’s design I decided to go with the seasons and do an autumn inspired manicure. I wanted there to be a range of different nails rather than have most of the nails with the same design.


I started by painting my chosen base colours onto each nail. On the little finger I used 2 coats of a pastel orange shade as this is the most opaque orange I have, and I wanted to stamp with it as well. On the index finger I used 3 coats of a glittery gold shade. On the middle finger I used 2 coats of a light brown shade and on the remaining nails I used 2 coats of a lighter tan shade.


For the index finger I left it as it was just the plain glittery gold. On the little fingers I made it into a gradient by sponging a red shimmery shade onto the tips up towards the middle of the nail.


On the middle nail I used the slightly lighter tan shade to stamp 2 leaves onto the nail. I wanted this to look quite subtle as I also placed 3 rhinestones at the base of the nail to add further decoration.


On the remaining thumb and ring finger nails, I stamped a gradient of leaves using the orange and red shade. However the orange came out too subtle against the tan background. I think I should have used a much lighter shade for the base colour to make it stand out more. A darker orange suitable for stamping would have been better if I had one as well. The plate I used was #19 by Born pretty.

Vice Versa Floral

For this stamped design I wanted to use just 2 colours and have some nails the opposite way around to the others. However the purple came out a lot lighter in colour when stamping than when used as a background colour.

_20160710_174228 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger in 2 coats of a white polish.

_20160710_174240 copy

I then painted all remaining nails in 2 coats of a dark purple shade.


Once this was all dry, I took stamping plate #56 by Born Pretty and used a floral pattern from this along with the white polish to stamp over the purple nails.

_20160710_174315 copy

Then I used the same pattern with the purple polish to stamp over the white nails. I think I should have used a lighter shade of purple for the background colour as this way the stamping might have matched in shade a lot better.

Leafy Green Nails

This weeks design uses a leafy pattern from a stamping plate mixed in with a bit of everything lol (glitter, negative space, rhinestones, etc)

_20160703_133610 copy

I started by painting my thumbs and ring fingers with a sheer nude shade to improve their overall natural look. On the little fingers I painted 3 coats of a glittery shade with a tourquise base. On the remaining fingers I painted 2 coats of a dark green shade.

_20160703_140015 copy

On the index fingers I placed a single small rhinestone on each. I then coated everything with a quick dry topcoat. On my middle finger I used a leafy pattern from ‘Born Pretty’s’ stamping plate #19 and a white polish to stamp the design over the entire nail. I then coated it in top coat.

_20160703_133628 copy

I then took some masking tape and I lay down a strip on the table. I took a 2p coin and placed it on top of the tape near the one end. Using a pencil I drew around the side of the coin that was nearest to the end of the tape. I then moved the coin about an inch along the tape and drew around the same side again. I repeated this so that I had 8 curves drew onto the tape which I then cut these out to make 8 guides to use on my thumbs and ring fingers.

_20160703_135949 copy

I then used these guides by placing them so that the curved edge went across the middle of the nail and that the tips of the nails were left uncovered. I then used the same dark green shade to fill in the tips of the nails in green before removing the tape and adding a top coat. When everything was dry I applied the remaining strips of tape back onto the same nails in the same position. I took the same stamping pattern and white polish to stamp onto the green tips that I had created. I removed the tape and then used a thin paint brush to paint a white line over the edge of the green tip before finishing it off with a top coat.

Duochrome Floral Swirl Nails

For this design I wanted to use a nail stamping pattern over a duo-chrome background to add more depth to the design over stamping on a single coloured background.

_IMG_8723 copy

As the duo-chrome polish is very sheer, I started by painting all nails in a green colour.

_IMG_8714 copy

I then went over this with 2 coats of the duo-chrome polish. The one I used is by stargazer and has hues of burgundy, bronze and green.

_IMG_8717 copy

I then set up my stamping tools and stamped my design in black onto each nail one at a time. The plate I used is #56 by Born Pretty.

_IMG_8720 copy

I used a swirly floral pattern off this plate. As the pattern on the plate is quite large, I used a different section of the pattern each time I used it to stamp. This meant all nails came out different. I finished the design by cleaning up any excess stamping on my fingers and then using a top coat.

Floral Laguna Nails

This weeks design is a simple and subtle floral stamping look. I used a gold nail paint over the top of 2 of the new ‘Coconut Infusion’ shades by Barry M.

_20160515_133811 copy

I didn’t want this design to be bold and I didn’t want the stamping to stand out from the background colours too much either, so I feel the colours I chose worked perfectly together.

_20160515_133824 copy

On the thumb and little fingers I started by applying 2 coats of the shade ‘Sunkissed’. On the remaining fingers I applied 2 coats of the shade ‘Laguna’.


Once this had dried, I applied a fast drying top coat in order to avoid ‘squishing’ the base colour when applying my stamping. However I do find the polishes from the ‘Coconut Infusion’ range do dry quite well.

_20160515_133929 copy

Next I used a gold metallic nail paint and a floral design from ‘Born Pretty’ stamping plate #08. I applied this over the entire area of each nail. I then finished it off with another coat of top coat.