Bronze Triangle Nails

My nails are quite short at the moment so I wanted something simple but pretty that would suit short nails.

I started by painting my thumb and index fingers in 2 coats of a pastel sea green colour.

On the ring and little fingers I used 2 coats of a light greyish purple shade.

On the middle fingers I used 2 coats of a glittery bronze shade.

To complete the design, I then took a small brush and the same bronze polish and painted triangles on the tips of the index and ring fingers.


Matte Bronze Nails

I really like how the colours of the rhinestones and the bronze works together with the brown in this design. I don’t normally think of brown when thinking of what colours I want to use, but I wanted something that worked well with the colour of the rhinestones. Also I don’t use a matte top coat very often and I think it can look nice over metallic/glittery polishes, so I thought why not use it this time.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a light brown shade. However on the ring fingers I used a curved brush to paint a half moon of negative space at the base of the nail.

On the thumb, index and little finger nails I then painted 1 coat of a bronze fine glittery shade. This is from the molten metal series from Barry M called ‘Bronze Bae’.

On top of these nails I used 1 layer of my normal topcoat and then 1 coat of a matte top coat.

On the ring fingers, I added some rhinestones along the line separating the brown and the negative space in varying sizes.

Bronze Negative Space Nails

I think the bronze colour I used for this design goes really well with the black stamping.

I started by painting a large bronze tip to the ring and thumb finger nails. I used a flat brush to help define the shape and then went over this with a second coat.

On the remaining nails I covered the entire nail with 2 coats of the bronze. This colour is from Barry M’s Molten Metals.

I then stamped in black over all the bronze areas using a design from Born Pretty plate BP-L052. I used liquid tape to prevent any stamping getting on the areas of nail that I had left plain.

I then took a small dotting tool and the same black to dot a row along the line where the bronze and the bare nail met on the thumb and ring fingers. I finished off the design by placing a small silver rhinestone in the middle of each of these lines of dots.

Matte Weathered Copper Nails

For this design I was going for a sort of weathered copper effect, but I also wanted the finish to be matte.

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a metallic teal/turquoise shade.

Once this was dry I used a bronze coloured polish and a flat brush. I brushed off any excess onto some tin foil and then used the brush to dry brush an effect over the top of each nail.

I repeated this again to try and build up the effect a bit more so that there was more prominent areas of the bronze showing through.

I then finished off the design with 2 coats of a matte top coat.

Metallic Magnetic Nails

For this design, I firstly started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a metallic goldish/bronze shade.

_IMG_5680 copy

Once this was fully dry, I used striping tape to tape off a section along the middle of each nail.

_IMG_5674 copy

To this middle section, I painted a coat of magnetic nail paint a black/grey shade to one nail.

_IMG_5681 copy

After waiting a few seconds I applied a second coat to this. I immediately held the magnet over this in order to create the magnetic pattern.

_IMG_5683 copy

I then removed the striping tape straight away before it had chance to dry. I repeated this for the remaining nails.

Pink Glam Gradient Nails

I’m really pleased with how this one came out and it wasn’t much effort to achieve either.

_IMG_5692 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in a bright shimmery pink shade. On the ring fingers I used a metallic nail polish that was kind of between a gold and bronze colour.

_IMG_5693 copy

On the ring fingers I then used a flakie glitter over the top. This was made up of goldish and light pink flakes.

_IMG_5697 copy

Over this I then added a few nail art gems in pink shades. A heart one in the middle and then normal round ones to the sides.

_IMG_5698 copy

On the pink nails I sponged on the metallic shade, starting from the tip and working up to the middle of the nail.

_IMG_5701 copy

I then added the same flakie glitter polish over the top of the metallic gradient area for a bit of extra glam.

Teal Bronze Caviar Nails

This week is a simple micro bead nail look.

_IMG_0380 copy

I have micro beads in teal as well and saw these 2 colours next to each other and thought they looked nice together.

_IMG_0382 copy

As I have a nail paint in the teal colour as well I decided to paint all nails in this shade.

_IMG_0384 copy

Then I used the bronze/copper coloured micro beads and added them to both ring fingers to make an accent nail.

_IMG_0388 copy

I took these photos before adding top coat. Although the beads don’t look as good with top coat over the top, I like to still use it in order to make them last a lot longer.

Jewellery Making #14 – Selection of Earrings

Here’s a selection of different earrings that I have created over the past year that I wanted to share with you.


This first pair was made as a gift for a work colleagues birthday. The leopard print beads are made from shell.


These butterfly charm earrings were paired up with a mobius ring made from some larger jump rings that I had. I  have recently started to use coloured metal other than silver and quite like the effect that you get from using antique bronze coloured findings in my pieces as it makes things look very vintage.


These pretty but simple dangle earrings use glass pearls and large beadcaps.


These use some quite small but pretty beads that I had to finish off a design using some dove shaped charms.


These dangle earrings were made using some beads that I had in a petrol effect type finish.


Lastly these cute earrings were made from some little turtle beads I came across in a bead shop in Weston Super Mare that I discovered when we went for a day trip to the seaside last year.

Barry M Dazzle Dust Swatches

So I’m finally getting around to showing off the Barry M dazzle dusts I got for Christmas as well as a couple I had from before along with swatches.

The below image shows an overview of each swatch:

Going from left to right are pictures of the pots up close:

#Limited Edition 2 – Matte Purple

#34 – Cherry

#98 – Petrol Black

#102 – Burgundy Noir

#9 – Pale Silver

#92 – Aqua Gold

#44 – Bronze

#3 – Pink Gold

#72 – Emerald

Here is also a few more pics of the swatches:

I absolutely love how shimmery they are and how some have hints of other colours in their shimmer, for example the petrol black colour. They apply very pigmented and blend well with each other. The main downside is that as they are powder form they can get a bit messy. Also I found the silver shade to be not as pigmented as the others, as you can see from the images. However overall I love experimenting with these colours. I like wearing the bronze and emerald colours together. The emerald on the outer corner and the bronze on the inner corner of the eyelid and then blended together in the middle. The cherry also goes nicely on the outer corner blended with either the aqua gold, pink gold or silver on the inner corner. I would like to get a blue shade next as that’s the main colour which I would use that I’m missing.

Who else owns any of the Barry M dazzle dusts? I would like to know your fave shades.