Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Dark Burgundy and Mint

This combo is made up from a mint and dark burgundy colour.

_IMG_7438 copy

All colours used came form my 88 shimmer palette.

_IMG_7439 copy

I used the mint shade on the inner half of each eye.

_IMG_7442 copy

Then I used the burgundy shade on the outer corner and blended it across and into the mint at the centre of the lid.


Red Croc Nails

I took these pictures ages ago and completely forgot about them. Oh well better late than never! This is the red croc effect by Barry M over the top of their silver foil effect.

_IMG_5279 copy

To be honest, although I love the colour I didn’t really like the effect except for on a couple of nails that it turned out good on, like my thumb. It reminds me of their normal raspberry nail paint. It is also a lot less forgiving than the normal crackle effects. You can’t use it over dry polish like the normal crackle. But if the base is too wet then it also did not seem to work.

_IMG_5282 copy

It also takes a lot longer than the crackle for the effect to show. It took up to 5 minutes on some fingers for the effect to start appearing and then you have to wait a long time after this for the nail to complete. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if the effect had finished coming through or if the effect had failed to come through. On some nails it started to come through in some nice clear thin lines around the edge of the nail but then finished off with some messy half come through thick lines in the middle.

_IMG_5284 copy

That left me with a lot of trial and error. On several fingers I had to try again to get it to come out better. It seems you have to apply it not too thickly, but quickly over almost touch dry nail polish for the best results.  It also looks rather translucent in places. However on the nails I got this to work properly on I liked the effect. I feel I need a lot more practise with it to properly decide if I like it. Perhaps it would be good as part of a more complicated design instead of being the main focus of the nails.

Barry M Magnetic Burgundy Nails

So this is another of the Barry M magnetic effects that I picked up. This time the burgundy shade that comes with a magnet to make diagonal stripes.

I don’t normally go for reddish colours, but I have to say I really love this colour. Even on the first coat before using the magnet, the colour looked so nice lol. When buying these I thought the blue would be my favourite as I am more of a cold colours person. However I think this is actually my favourite of the two I have tried. I think I might try the stripy magnet with the blue to see if that makes any difference as to which is my favourite.

If you’ve looked at any of my previous posts, then please don’t be too alarmed by the sudden disappearance to the length of my nails lol. The index nail of my right hand snapped as low down as it possibly could. I can’t stand such a huge difference in length so they all had to come off. My fingers feel so stumpy, childlike and boyish when they are like this. Which is strange because when I see short nails on other women it seems perfectly normal to me.

Like with the blue the magnet was good enough to easily produce the pattern across the whole nail providing you held it over the nail before any chance of drying could start. Also, once again I cant stop admiring how the light hits the pattern when you move your fingers in the light. This pattern reminds me a bit of a stripy stick of seaside rock.

As with the blue I again had trouble protecting the effect when applying the top coat. In the end I just blobbed the topcoat around instead of applying it in brush strokes. However this meant that quite a lot of top coat ended up on the nail which caused some bubbling whilst drying.

However overall I am again pleased. Who else has tried the Barry M magnetic nail paints and which one is your favourite?

Lastly I would just like to wish my amazing boyfriend a Happy 24th Birthday!!