Pink Floral Half Moon Nails

For this design I started by using a pink to bronze duochrome polish in order to paint a half moon design on all of my nails.

To achieve this I used a half smile line shaped brush to make things easier. I used 2 coats of the duochrome polish.

Once this was dry, I took a black polish and a very thin brush. I used this to paint a line over the edge of the duocrhome where it makes the half moon shape. I tried to do this as neatly as I possibly could.

Afterwards, I felt that the design was too plain. I decided to try and freehand some flowers in the bottom corners of the thumbs and ring fingers using the same thin brush and black polish.

However I feel this was a mistake as they turned out nothing like how I imagined it to look. I feel it is quite messy looking on my right hand especially. I think it would have been better to have done dotting tool flowers instead.


Green Floral Stamp Nails

For this design I started off by painting the ring and middle fingers in a grey shade.

On top of this I did a dry brush effect, first using a white, then a light sea green and then a metallic turquoise.

On top of this I stamped a floral lace pattern in black from Born Pretty Plate BPL30.

To the thumb and index finger I used 2 coats of the sea green shade.

I finished off the little finger with 2 coats of the metallic turquoise shade.

Colour Change Floral Stamp Nails

For this design I was trying out a new stamping plate and polish from Born Pretty that my brothers got me for my birthday.

The base for this design is a colour changing polish. I found that the colour change is quite subtle from a darker purple to a lighter purple to be very noticeable. However I found if I ran my nails under very hot water it did start to change to more of a pink shade. Most of the time though my nails are just too cold to see any difference.

The colours itself however are nice as purple is my favourite colour. I also love the inclusion of the silver glitter in multiple sizes as it makes for a prettier base for designs. I used 3 coats of this to get a proper coverage on the nail but it is very quick drying.

On top of this I stamped floral designs in white. The plate I used is BPX-L019 which has various pretty floraly type designs.

I used 2 of the different designs from this plate to stamp onto each nail. I tried to make the placement different on each nail so that it wasn’t all just the same for each nail.

Floral Stamped Sticker Nails

For this design I reverse stamped a floral pattern and coloured it in to make some nail vinyls. I really love the peachy pastel orange shade that I used for this design with the iridescent glitter topper over it. The orange is from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion range.

I started by painting 4 rectangles of topcoat onto a silicone mat. I then stamped the flower pattern onto the top of this. Using a thin brush I then filled in the petals with a dark purple and peachy pastel orange shades. Once this was dry I went over it again with the top coat again.

On my middle and ring finger nails I painted 2 coats of a very light lilac shade. I peeled the nail vinyls from the silicone mat and stuck them down onto these nails with a clear top coat.

I used a cuticle stick, nail scissors and acetone on a flat brush to remove and clean up any of the excess that was overhanging the nail.

On the other remaining nails I painted them with 2 coats of the orange shade. Once this was dry I painted over it with a coat of a iridescent glitter topper.

On top of these nails I placed a single purple nail stud. I then went over the top of everything with a top coat.

Flicks and Dots Floral Nails

I wanted to practice a floral design with flicks in it because I really struggle with paining flicks in designs. They always come out so messy lol.


I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a bright blue shade. On top of this I used white acrylic paint and a thin paint brush to paint in some flicks on each nail.


I then took a small dotting tool and a pink shimmery shade to place clusters of dots near where the flicks started from on some nails to make the petals of flowers.


I then repeated the same with a gold colour. Afterwards I used the opposite colour of the petals to fill in the centers of each flower.


To complete the design, I used a smaller dotting tool to place rows of shimmery blue dots on each nail to add more detail.

Paper Punch Floral Nails

I saw a video on Instagram a few weeks back where someone used one of those craft paper punches that punch out different shaped from paper to make some nail vinyls. I thought it was a great idea and as I have a few of those punches myself in flower shapes I knew I just had to try it out.


I started by painting a rectangle of nail polish in a dark pink shade on a silicone mat. Once it was dry I carefully peeled this rectangle away from the mat. I then used the craft paper punch in a flower shape to carefully punch out flowers of nail polish from the rectangle. I found that sometimes the shape did not punch out properly, so you will need to account for punching more flowers than you need. I put the successful flowers to one side.


On all my nails I painted one coat of a light brown shade just to act as a base to help the holo layer come out more opaque. I then painted 2 coats of a silver holo polish over the top of this.


Then using a clear polish as if it was glue, I painted onto my nail where I wanted to place the flower. I then carefully placed the flower on top. If there was any overhang or areas to clean up, I carefully removed this using a combination of nail scissors and a flat brush dipped in nail polish remover.


Where the centre of each flower was I placed a single small rhinestone. I then painted over the entire nail with the clear coat to help everything stick. I repeated this same process on the remaining nails until each nail had a flower on it. On the thumbs I decided to use 2. To finish the design I then coated everything in a layer of quick dry top coat. The main picture on my left hand was taken under artificial light as I felt this showed up the effect of the holo background better.

Chrome Blue Floral Stamped Nails

This week’s design is a simple stamped design over a chrome metallic blue background.


I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of the chrome blue shade.

_20160327_132453 copy

I made sure that this was fully dry. I then used a small floral design on a Konad stamping plate I got as part of their French Manicure stamping set.

_20160327_134103 copy

I found that due to the triangular shape of this design, that the best place to place this design on the nail was near the base so that the one point of the triangle was pointing down the middle towards the tip of the nail. However I made sure to leave a little gap near the base of the nail before the stamped design starts. I used a plain black colour to stamp the design.

_20160327_150525 copy

I then finished off the design by placing a small ‘petrol black’ coloured rhinestone at the middle of the very base of each nail in the gap that I had left.

Duochrome Floral Swirl Nails

For this design I wanted to use a nail stamping pattern over a duo-chrome background to add more depth to the design over stamping on a single coloured background.

_IMG_8723 copy

As the duo-chrome polish is very sheer, I started by painting all nails in a green colour.

_IMG_8714 copy

I then went over this with 2 coats of the duo-chrome polish. The one I used is by stargazer and has hues of burgundy, bronze and green.

_IMG_8717 copy

I then set up my stamping tools and stamped my design in black onto each nail one at a time. The plate I used is #56 by Born Pretty.

_IMG_8720 copy

I used a swirly floral pattern off this plate. As the pattern on the plate is quite large, I used a different section of the pattern each time I used it to stamp. This meant all nails came out different. I finished the design by cleaning up any excess stamping on my fingers and then using a top coat.

Rose Nails

I’ve been wanted to try a rose design for a long time, but it has always looked like it can be too easy to mess the whole thing up lol.

_IMG_6439 copy

First I added by background to each nail. I put one coat of a dark blue and then went over this with a multi coloured glittery nail polish.

_IMG_6441 copy

Next, I put a light pink circle on each nail where I wanted the rose to be. Next to this I added 2 light green triangular shapes in order to make leaves.

_IMG_6445 copy

On the leaves, I put a thin dark green line down the middle. Then on the roses, I took a dark pink and a thin brush to start adding in the detail for the petals. To do this I did a small ‘c’ shape in the middle and a slightly larger one opposite, but facing it. I then added 3 more curves roughly around the outside of the flower.

_IMG_6446 copy

To finish the design off I added in some highlights in a similar way. I used a shimmery white shade and added little curves near the darker curves that I had already placed. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, and it wasn’t as hard as I expected.

Cherry Blossom Nails

So about a month ago Barry M released some new nail art pens in black, silver, white and pink. I’ve seen good comments about them online so decided to give them a try. I had a little play with them straight away on top of the nails I was already wearing that week and was very pleased with the results. I decided for my first proper nail design using them I would go for a cherry blossom design.


I used the black pen for the branches and randomly drew those on top of the colour I chose for my background. Luckily for this design it didn’t matter how messy the right hand ended up looking lol. Then I used a medium sized dotting tool to place white dots on top of the branches. When this was dry I added smaller pink dots on top of the white ones before adding a top coat. I recommend using a top coat with the pens to stop it wearing off too easily.


I’ve always struggled with doing very fine lines neatly in my nail art as I find normal nail varnish to thick and quick drying, even when using thin nail art brushes. I am trying to avoid buying a load of acrylic paint colours to use, which I have seen many others do to get such detail, as I already have too many nail varnishes to fit in the room I have as it is lol.


As well as thin brushes, I have also tried in the past those bottles that have a metal tip with a hole in like a needle where you squeeze the nail varnish through in order to do details. However I always end up with big blobs or I poke a smudge into the still soft base layer of my design. Also I find no matter how long I leave it to dry my top coat will smear the whole thing when I attempt to apply it.


However with the Barry M pens the nib is more like a real pen and it did not drag dents in my base colour. It reminds me a bit of those handwriting pens they used to give you in primary school. Except with the nail pens you can press the nib in to get more of the colour to come into the nib if required. I also found that the consistency is thinner than normal nail varnish which also helps with doing thin lines. However I did find that sometimes you needed to go over a line again to make the colour bold enough. Despite this I found the pens dry very quickly and that my top coat did not ruin the design at all when applying it. All in all I was very impressed with these and they were as easy to use as a normal pen.