Matte Duochrome Stamped Nails

For this design I wanted to try putting a matte top coat over the top of a duochrome polish.

I started by giving all nails a dark green base as the main colour of the duochrome polish I was using was green.

I then went over the top of this with a coat of my duochrome polish. This polish was from Born Pretty and changes from green to purple, but also has flecks of multi sized green glitter in it as well.

On the middle and ring fingers I stamped over the top of this in white using a floral pattern from a large Born Pretty stamping plate.

On the remaining fingers I used a flat brush to paint a white tip on each, before finishing everything off with a matte top coat.


Red and Gold mash up Nails

I wanted this design to be a mixture of different patterns on each nail and I decided I wanted to focus my design on red and gold colours. All the nail paints used were by Barry M. The red is from their retro colours and the glitter is called copper.


I painted the thumb and little finger nails with two coats of the gold magnetic and did the magnetic effect on it. The second and third fingers got 2 coats of the red and the ring finger got 3 coats of the copper glitter.

_IMG_5634 copy

On the little finger I then added 2 coats of the red in the form of a French tip. On the second finger I used a dotting tool to add 3 dots in the copper glitter. I also did 2 coats for this.


On the thumb I used a nail art brush to add a red triangle shape in the middle of the nail and then went over this for another coat to even it out. On the third finger I went over the bottom half of the nail 2 times with the copper glitter.

_IMG_5637 copy

After this was dry on both the thumb and third finger I then used striping tape to neaten up the line between the two different nail paints used. On the thumb I used a red tape and on the other I used a gold tape.


On the ring fingers I added a row of square shaped nail art gems. The whole thing was finished off with a coat of top coat, but to the ring finger I added a second coat to help keep the gems in place. I hope you like how it turned out.