Halloween Kitty Nails

These are the not very scary witches black cat nails that I have done for Halloween this year. We are going to family friend’s Halloween party, and because I will be busy trying to paint a scary clown face on my brother for his costume, I have decided to keep my own costume simple, and so decided to go as a cat. I’ve seen a few versions of these cat nails online over the past couple of week’s and thought they would be perfect to recreate to pair with my costume.


I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a very light grayish purple shade to make the base for all my nails.


I then took a black acrylic paint and a thin brush to paint triangle shapes on each side of the bottom half of each nail. This made the ears.


Next I painted a half circle in black on the tips of each nail in order to fill in the cat face.


Once this was dry I used a white and dotting tool to dot eyes for each cat face. I then used a very thin brush to paint points on either side of the eyes to make the shape more cat like. I then went over the eyes in yellow and finally a glow in the dark polish by OPI. I finished the eyes off by painting a thin black line down the middle of each eye and then adding a layer of topcoat.