Diamond Rain Nails

So originally for these nails I wanted to arrange the diamond shaped glitter flecks in neat rows. However I found it really hard getting them to line up straight and land in the right place.

So I had to change my design and go for a glitter gradient effect instead. I might have to come back to my original design again in the future.

I started by painting all nails in 1 coat of a black nail paint. I then went over this with 2 coats of a dark teal/purple duochrome by Leighton Denny.

Then onto the thumb and ring finger nails I applied the diamond flecks using a clear nail polish as glue.

The flecks got everywhere but I managed to achieve the gradient I was after. I then sealed everything together with a top coat.

I think the diamond glitter flecks look super pretty and love how they sparkle in the light.

Beaded Half Moon Nails

For this design I wanted it to be quite subtle but a little bit bold at the same time.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a very light pink shade.

This one is from Barry M’s frosted cupcakes collection, which has subtle flecks of silver glitter in it as well to add depth.

Once this was dry I used a thin brush and a red glittery nail polish to paint half moons on both the ring and thumb nails.

Finally I placed a line of gold coloured nail beads to cover the edge line of the half moons to neaten everything up.

Blackberry Lace Nails

This week’s design is probably the most detailed free hand design I have made so far.

_IMG_6024 copy

I’ve been wanting to do a lace type look for a while now and the nail art pens I recently purchased from Barry M gave me the perfect opportunity to give this a go.

_IMG_6025 copy

I first looked at examples of other lace nail art and just general images of lace in order to get ideas. I then sketched out on paper some designs until I found one I liked.

_IMG_6027 copy

Then I started on my actual nails. I painted all nails with 2 coats of Barry M’s Blackberry Gelly nail paint and left it plenty of time to dry.

_IMG_6028 copy

I then used their white nail art pen and carefully transferred my design over onto each nail one by one. I started by doing this on my non dominant hand first. I started by drawing what needed to go down the middle of the nail first to make it easier to fit everything in properly.

_IMG_6030 copy

The hardest part about nail art is making your design look as good on the nails of your dominant hand lol. But I still decided to include a picture below. I think form a distance it doesn’t look too bad anyways.

_IMG_6031 copy

Overall I was quite proud of these nails. Several people at work didn’t realise that I had drew it on free hand until I told them and let them see up close. Hope you like them!