Matte Bronze Nails

I really like how the colours of the rhinestones and the bronze works together with the brown in this design. I don’t normally think of brown when thinking of what colours I want to use, but I wanted something that worked well with the colour of the rhinestones. Also I don’t use a matte top coat very often and I think it can look nice over metallic/glittery polishes, so I thought why not use it this time.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a light brown shade. However on the ring fingers I used a curved brush to paint a half moon of negative space at the base of the nail.

On the thumb, index and little finger nails I then painted 1 coat of a bronze fine glittery shade. This is from the molten metal series from Barry M called ‘Bronze Bae’.

On top of these nails I used 1 layer of my normal topcoat and then 1 coat of a matte top coat.

On the ring fingers, I added some rhinestones along the line separating the brown and the negative space in varying sizes.


Matte Glitter Triangle Nails

I think this design looks so much nicer with a matte coat over the top. Sometimes I quite like to put matte over the top of glitter.

I started by painting my thumb and ring fingers with 2 coats of a dense fine pink glitter.

On the remaining nails I used 2 coats of a greyish lilac shade.

Using a striping brush I carefully painted triangle shapes to the tips of the greyish nails in the pink glitter. I did think about using tape to make the lines perfect but I was feeling a bit lazy in the end, so I opted to do it freehand.

I firstly used my normal topcoat for durability and then afterwards added a layer of a matte topcoat.

Matte Duochrome Stamped Nails

For this design I wanted to try putting a matte top coat over the top of a duochrome polish.

I started by giving all nails a dark green base as the main colour of the duochrome polish I was using was green.

I then went over the top of this with a coat of my duochrome polish. This polish was from Born Pretty and changes from green to purple, but also has flecks of multi sized green glitter in it as well.

On the middle and ring fingers I stamped over the top of this in white using a floral pattern from a large Born Pretty stamping plate.

On the remaining fingers I used a flat brush to paint a white tip on each, before finishing everything off with a matte top coat.

Simply Blackberry Nails

This was a very quick and simple design that uses only one colour, but the differences in texture still make it eye catching.

_20160403_162631 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a black shade.

_20160403_162725 copy

Once this was dry I used my normal top coat on all nails except the ring fingers. I then used a matte top coat over the top of this once it had dried.

_20160403_162805 copy

On the ring fingers I painted a layer of a clear nail polish onto one of them. I immediately applied black opaque rhinestones to the nail in order to cover it entirely.

_instaedit copy

I then repeated this to the other ring finger before covering both of them with a coat of top coat. My dad said the ring finger nails looked a bit like black raspberries, hence the title of this post.

Matte Glitterati Tip Nails

For this design I started off by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a black shade.

_IMG_6882 copy

Next, I took 2 of the shades from Barry M’s Glitterati collection called ‘Starlet’ and ‘Fashion Icon’. I painted one coat on the tip of the ring fingers in a straight line in Starlet. On the remaining nails, I repeated the same on the tips with the Fashion Icon shade.

_IMG_6892 copy

Next I went over everything with my normal top coat to make everything more durable.


Then I made everything matte by painting 2 coats of a matte top coat over all nails.

_IMG_6898 copy

Lastly, I went over the glittery tips with a second coat to make them glossy and vibrant again.

Blue Geometry Nails

If I was to do this design again, I would go with a completely different colour glitter for the ring finger base colour as I feel it does not stand out as much as I wanted it to. Overall though I was happy with how the taped off sections came out. I think I like the diagonal one the most.

_IMG_6558 copy

Firstly, I painted all my nails in 2 coats of a light blue shade. To the ring finger I then added 2 coats of a blueish glittery over coat.

_IMG_6560 copy

I gave this some time to dry and then I added my top coat. This is because the next colour that I used has a matte finish to it which I did not want to remove with a glossy top coat.

_IMG_6563 copy

After this was completely dry, I took some striping tape and placed 2 stripes near the top of the nail parallel to each other and 2 near the bottom parallel to each other in the shape that I desired.

_IMG_6566 copy

I then went over this with a matte dark blue with shimmer in it. Before it dried, I removed the tape to reveal my design. I found it easier to work on one nail at a time.


I continued along the remaining nails, making a different shape on each nail. I think the diagonal design I did on the middle finger is my favourite. The above image shows a step by step of the design.

Vertical Gradient Nails

This week is another gradient design as I needed something easy that I could do while multi-tasking a bit lol. I even managed to avoid touching them against something whilst they were still wet.

_IMG_5876 copy

After selecting my colours I started to paint them on each nail. I did this by painting half of each nail in a different colour vertically.

_IMG_5880 copy

For example on the little finger nail I wanted the gradient to go from tourquize to purple. Therefore I painted half the nail in tourquize and half in purple. I did 2 coats like this.

_IMG_5883 copy

Then in order to make the gradient, I took a makeup sponge and painted a line in each colour next to each other. The colours used depended on the colours being used on the particular nail I was working on.

_IMG_5886 copy

I then sponged this down the length of the nail which resulted in the defined line between each colour becoming blended into a gradient.

_IMG_5895 copy

I felt it needed something extra to finish it off. I have a polish by Avon called ‘Satin Top Coat’. It’s a matte top coat with a pretty pink shimmer to it. I didn’t want the nails to be matte, but I did want the shimmer over the top. Therefore after applying this to all nails, I added a coat of my normal top coat to remove the matteness.

Silk Triangle Nails

For this design I used 3 colours from Barry M’s Silk Nail Effects range, but it would work great with a mixture of colours and finishes. I was after a subtle design this time, but a mix of light, dark and bold colours would look great also.


I first painted all nails in 2 coats a lilac shade called heather and let this dry very well.

_IMG_0513 copy

Then I used striping tape to tape off a triangle shape from the top of the nail and having the point of the triangle land around 90% of the way down the nail. I did this on all nails and filled it in with a white shade called pearl before removing the tape.

_IMG_0515 copy

I again gave this plenty of time to dry. Then I used striping tape again, but this time to make a triangle of a smaller size starting from the bottom of the nail and going upwards. I did this across all nails.

_IMG_0517 copy

This time I used a brownish shade called truffle before removing the striping tape and adding top coat. I was left with a design where the triangles overlapped each other in the middle.

Silky Seaweed Nails

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with this design but I wanted something with overlapping squiggly lines. But in the end I was happy with out it turned out. I wonder if a different background colour may have worked better though.

_IMG_5275 copy

First I painted all nails with 2 coats of a black colour to make the background.

_IMG_5280 copy

Next I took pastel pink, green and purple shades from Barry M’s recent silk collection.

_IMG_5284 copy

Starting with a thinner brush and the pink shade I added squiggly lines along the majority of each nail.


Next I used the green to add lines in between the gaps left in the pink lines.

_IMG_5292 copy

Lastly I added lines in purple, but I only did them halfway up the nail. I did not add a top coat as I wanted to keep the finish of the silk nail paints.

Red Matte Tip Nails

This one is a simple coloured tips with rhinestones design.

_IMG_0364 copy

I painted all nails in a nude shade to start to give me an opaque base to work with.

_IMG_0367 copy

Then over the top of this I used a glitter nail polish I got in a gift set for Christmas. In reality I would describe the colour as something between a gold and a champagne colour as it is not quite ‘yellow’ enough to be classed as a gold I feel. The glitter flecks are quite fine.

_IMG_0373 copy

Next I used a dark red matte shade and painted this along the tips of each nail to contrast with the glitter. I feel using glitter and matte together compliment each other well.

_IMG_0376 copy

After I placed a red rhinestone near the top of each nail to add some extra bling.


This was a nice and easy design to do. The hardest part is making the red tips neat. You can always use a stick on guide, such as a hole punch reinforcer sticker to help make the line neat. I just did mine freehand instead.