Petrol Pebble Nails

For this design I wanted to test out some random sized petrol coloured nail art gems.

I started by painting all nails in 1 coat of black, but on the ring fingers I used 2 coats.

On the thumbs I used 1 coat of a multi glitter nail paint in a black base from Barry M’s glitterati range.

On the other nails except the ring fingers I used 2 coats of a duo chrome polish by Leighton Denny. This has tones of teal and purple.

I finished off the design on the ring fingers by randomly placing my nail art gems over the whole nail leaving gaps in between. They remind me of little petrol coloured pebbles.


Trhinestone Nails

Lol the title for this one is a bit cheesy I know. But there’s triangular shapes involved and groups of 3 so I couldn’t help myself.

_IMG_5543 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a coral colour.

_IMG_5549 copy

Then I made the coral into a triangle shape with the point going towards the tips by painting 2 silver triangles at the sides of each nail.

_IMG_5553 copy

Next I added 3 rhinestones to each nail. I added them on top of the coral colour.

_IMG_5556 copy

I used 3 differing sized rhinestones, with the largest near the base and the smallest towards the middle of the nail.

_IMG_5558 copy

The pretty thing about these rhinestones is that they have a subtle multi tonal/multi coloured finish to them.

Jewelled Flower Nails

Here are 2 similar designs I have done in the past with a flower design on the ring finger. A nail art gem has also been placed in the middle of each flower.

The first design uses Barry M’s Navy for the main colour, and their Silver foil effect for the flower.

The next design unfortunately didn’t capture well in the photographs. There wasn’t enough light in the room when I took them, but I had changed my nails by the time I viewed the pictures. Therefore I edited them to increase the brightness, but the colours are not a true reflection of what they are in reality.

This used Racing green for the main colour, which is exactly the colour you would expect racing green to be when looking at it under proper lighting. I need to use this colour again for another design so I can get pictures that represent it more accurately. The flower and dot detail was done with the Gold foil effect.

Tutti Fruity Nails

I recently ordered some fimo fruit shaped pieces from Ebay, which have finally arrived and I just couldn’t wait to try them out. The first lot of images were taken straight after finishing my nails and the bottom 2 pictures were taken the day after.

I first painted my nails yellow with green tips, using nail paints from Barry M. I then stuck 2 of the fruit pieces to each nail using top coat.

I made both hands identical and made sure all fruit pieces on 1 hand were different to each other. The fimo fruits I purchased were already sliced for me and came in 12 different designs.

When applying the fruits to my nails it was a bit tricky to get some of them to stick down fully. This was because the corners of them were pulling away from the natural curve of the nail. I think if they were sliced very thinly, then this would not have been a problem.

After I had pressed them down as best as I could without messing up the base colours on my nails, I left them to set for a little bit. Afterwards I applied a very healthy layer of topcoat to each nail to make sure everything was covered.

Despite this I was expecting the fruits to come off the nails quite easily during my normal everyday tasks. However this was not the case and I am very impressed with how well they lasted. I assume this is all thanks to the amount of topcoat I used.

I had been wearing these nails for 7 days when I lost the first fruit piece while I was out shopping using my hands to lug heavy shopping bags around and trying on loads of different sandals. It was also on the 7th day that I got my first chip in the nail varnish.

It is because of how well I got them to stick that I would definatley use these in nail art again. They look so cute and are a lot easier to use than trying to paint fruity designs on your nails for example. You can also get them in tons of different designs like flowers and butterflies. Sometimes I hesitate to stick things on with my nail art because I worry that they will come off easily and ruin my nail design quickly. However I would says these nails turned out more than a success.

Poundland Nails

So I was in Poundland the other day and I noticed some nail art gems. I’ve never really used nail art gems before, because with how I use my nails I didn’t expect them to last very long. But seeing as they were only £1 I just couldn’t resist giving them a go. As you can see in the picture below, you get quite a good selection of different ones as well as a good amount of each in a lot of different shapes and colours.

Below you can see my first design using them. The nail varnish itself is similar to what I wore the previous week, except in different colours. I used a black by Barry M as well as their silver foil effect before attaching the gems. To stick them on I used topcoat as glue and then put a generous layer of topcoat over the whole thing afterwards.

I was able to wear them a total of four days before the first gem fell off so they stayed on better than I expected. Even a week later I still have 6 nails with all gems on.  One nail of which I have broken. That also means that when I change my nail colour later I’ll cut my nails down too as I can’t stand them all different lengths lol.

Anyways hope you like, cya.