Rainbow Studs Nails

So as I had a very busy weekend, I decided to do a design that was very simple and quick, but I also wanted it to be very fun and bright.

I started by painting each nail in 2 coats of a different colour as I wanted each nail to be different.

Most colours were from the Coconut Infusions range by Barry M.

On the thumbs I used a orange/coral shade, on the index a light blue, on the middle fingers a bold pink, the ring fingers a sea green and on the little fingers a lilac shade.

I then finished off the design by using bright nails studs in 5 similar colours. I made sure that the colour of the stud was different to the nail it was going on though. I placed a single stud the the centre of the base of the nail.


Floral Stamped Sticker Nails

For this design I reverse stamped a floral pattern and coloured it in to make some nail vinyls. I really love the peachy pastel orange shade that I used for this design with the iridescent glitter topper over it. The orange is from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion range.

I started by painting 4 rectangles of topcoat onto a silicone mat. I then stamped the flower pattern onto the top of this. Using a thin brush I then filled in the petals with a dark purple and peachy pastel orange shades. Once this was dry I went over it again with the top coat again.

On my middle and ring finger nails I painted 2 coats of a very light lilac shade. I peeled the nail vinyls from the silicone mat and stuck them down onto these nails with a clear top coat.

I used a cuticle stick, nail scissors and acetone on a flat brush to remove and clean up any of the excess that was overhanging the nail.

On the other remaining nails I painted them with 2 coats of the orange shade. Once this was dry I painted over it with a coat of a iridescent glitter topper.

On top of these nails I placed a single purple nail stud. I then went over the top of everything with a top coat.

Pink Stamp and Studs Nails

I really like how the colours go together for this design. Especially the black stamped over the pink.


I started by painting all nails except my middle and little fingers in a cream shade. On the others I painted them in a pink shade. Both these colours are from Barry M’s Coconut infusion range. I really love the pink shade.


To the index and little finger I attached a single rectangular gold stud and finished them off with a top coat. To the middle fingers I used a florally type pattern from a stamping plate labelled ‘Tian Xin 19’. I stamped the pattern over the entire middle nails using a black stamping polish from Konad.


To the remaining nails, I used masking tape to tape off one half of the nail. I used the pink shade over this and peeled the tape away to make the nail half of each colour. Once this was dry I used the masking tape in the same position again. I then used the same stamping design and black polish to apply the design over the pink half of the nail.


I then removed the tape and cleared up around the stamped nails. Then to cover the line down the middle of the thumbs and ring finger nails, I applied a row of the same gold studs. I then finished everything off with a top coat.

Rock Chick Bling Nails

I had a bit of a job taking the photos of this week’s design. I didn’t have access to the camera I normally use and so had to use an older more complicated camera lol. Despite this, even though this design was very simple to create, I was really pleased with the outcome.

_STA60436 copy

For all nails except for the ring fingers I painted them with Barry M’s Gold Mine Glitter. This has a black base and is full of flecks of gold glitter.

_STA60439 copy

I applied 3 coats of this to get the look that I wanted. On just the ring finger I applied 2 coats of a plain black shade.

_STA60442 copy

Once this was dry I added a line of false nail glue down the middle of the ring fingers. To this I added 3 gold coloured square nail studs to each nail. Normally I attach things to my nails (for example rhinestones) using just plain top coat as the glue. However I recently tried these studs on a friends nails and they came off quite easily. I think this is due to the concave nature of the underneath of the studs.

_STA60444 copy

The only problem I had is that I got a little glue onto the tool I was using to place the studs. So at one point the studs were sticking to the tool instead of my nail lol. Anyways after a bit of frustration everything turned out fine.